Macros with Spheros

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Macros with Spheros by Mind Map: Macros with Spheros

1. Year 5

2. Curriculum links

2.1. Design and Technologies

2.1.1. Forces can control movement, sound or light in a product or system (ACTDEK020)

2.2. Digital Technologies

2.2.1. Design, follow and represent diagrammatically, a simple sequence of steps (algorithm), involving branching (decisions) and iteration (repetition) (ACTDIP019)

2.3. Mathematics

2.3.1. Pose questions and collect categorical or numerical data by observation or survey (ACMSP118)

3. Topic: Macros/ Coding

4. Specific Learning goals:

4.1. Identify how the speed and duration the sphero is set to travel, has an effect on the distanced it rolls.

5. Assessment Type

5.1. Anecdotal notes

5.2. Score based off Rubric

6. Assessment Focus

6.1. The teacher will refer to a rubric, (based on the curriculum descriptors) and give the students a score.

6.2. The teacher will be assessing the students recorded data findings and the summary comment they have made on the effect that speed and time have on distance.

7. Lesson adapted from: Hour of code (Dublin) and MacroLab App.

8. Lesson time: 1 hour

9. Focus Questions

9.1. Can you remember why it is important to Aim your sphero before using it?

9.2. What aspects do you think may have an effect on the length something travels?

9.3. What do you think will happen to the distance of a Sphero when we set a high speed and long duration?

9.4. Will it travel far? or stay close?

9.5. What do you think will happen to the sphero if we keep the Speed the same, but increase the time it travels?

9.6. What are some things we should do to make sure we dont hurt ourselves or others when using the Spheros?

9.7. What are some things we should do to make sure that we dont damage the Spheros or other things around the classroom

10. Lesson Steps:

10.1. Step 1: Connect and Aim your spheros

10.2. Step 2: Create the first Macro using IPads- 20% speed / 90 degree angle / 3000ms speed

10.3. Step 3: Record distance travelled by sphero

10.4. Step 4: Increase Duration of roll by 3000ms, ensuring speed is not changed from 20%. Measure Distance Travelled and record.

10.5. Step 5: Increase speed by another 3000ms (9000ms) and record distance rolled once again, and record findings

10.6. Step 6: Return equipment, insureing everything is on charge. In your groups, discuss what happened to the distance travelled when the roll duration was increased.

11. Students Prior Knowldge

11.1. Students have used Spheros in the past

11.2. Students created very simple one step macros in the previous lesson

11.3. Students are familliar with how to connect and Aim their Spheros

11.4. Students are aware of how to use the MacroLab app

12. Cross Curricular Links

12.1. Maths

12.2. Science