Operations Work Items Reliance Map

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Operations Work Items Reliance Map by Mind Map: Operations Work Items Reliance Map

1. Security

2. Barcode Check Forms and Functionality

2.1. Automated Emailing

2.2. View a list of all BCV jobs for an account

2.3. Content Creation XLS for billing

2.4. Monitor Smart Media Upload results

2.5. View Smart Media files

2.6. AXICON Barcode Scanner Integration

2.7. Barcode Testing Weight and Measurement Machine

2.8. Smart Media and Photography Images Files Storage and Integration

2.9. CoOL labelling

3. Numbers Management Forms and Functionality

3.1. Cancel Numbers

3.2. Reinstatement of Numbers

3.3. Transfer Numbers

3.4. Update numbers - product description

3.5. SD:23356 | TC1672: Requirements for additional columns to represent UPC Company Prefixes

4. Refactor CRM Fields into Customer Table

4.1. Convert to member Integration (from CRM)

4.1.1. Customer Form Rework (Incorporate BusRel Functionality) Numbers Management Link Invoice to Parent Setup Purchase Order Numbers Process payment (credit card) Data wash process Alliance Partner Billing Frequency setup Generate SO for Manual Member Termination of Membership Reinstatements of Membership Change Customer Group - upgrade/downgrade Generate MyGS1 Credentials

4.1.2. Numbers Allocation

4.1.3. MyGS1 Portal Integration

4.1.4. Data Integration back to CRM Customer GLN Customer Status

4.1.5. Billing Invoice member/subscriber Alliance Partner billing Annual renewals - billing - membership and services File Extract for Bullseye (External Printer) Sales Invoice XML generation (OB10/Tungsten File Integration)

4.1.6. GTIN Review file

4.2. Service Subscription Integration (from CRM)

4.2.1. Services Subscriptions Forms and Functionality Manage ATO Activities Manage Measurement Comparison Activities Key Management Forms and Functionality Change subscription type Resubscribe service Unsubscribe service Suspend service

4.2.2. Data Integration back to CRM Service Status Service GSRN

4.2.3. Billing Annual renewals - billing - membership and services Maintain NPC Fee Schedule File Extract for Bullseye (External Printer)

4.3. Integration Fields from Ops to CRM (iManager)

4.3.1. View financial status in CRM {OPS TO CRM}

4.3.2. View entitlements in CRM (Quotas for BCV, GTIN-8, Image, Prefix, Training Entitlements) {OPS TO CRM}

4.3.3. Update GST Chargeability field from Ops to CRM {OPS TO CRM}

4.3.4. CRM Document Management on Sharepoint Operations Sharepoint Document visibility

4.4. Join Online Functionality

4.4.1. Generate Automated Email

4.4.2. List of Numbers

4.4.3. Tax Invoice creation

4.4.4. Generate Barcode Images (IBN membership)

5. Data Validation

5.1. Vendor Data Entry

6. Reporting

6.1. Barcode Verification Reporting

6.2. Tax Invoice

6.3. Other Reports

7. Architecture

7.1. Automated Build and Deployment Framework

7.2. UAT Environment

8. GTIN Management

8.1. Member Organisation Data Feed (MO) for NPC

8.2. New Zealand GTINs (Inbound and Outbound)

8.3. GTIN Review File

8.4. From ATO/To ATO Prcoess

8.5. GEPIR (Closed XML)

9. Implementing Contact Types in D365 for Operations using standard Purposes