Def Jam Recordings

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Def Jam Recordings by Mind Map: Def Jam Recordings

1. Business & Legal Affairs

1.1. Respond to inquiries about company agreements

1.2. Responsible for day to day business and legal affairs

1.3. Structure deals for marketing transactions

1.4. Review Profit/Loss reports

2. A&R Department

2.1. Chooses songs with artists

2.2. Signs new Artists

2.3. Helps Artists with Producers

2.4. Works with Label's business affairs department

2.5. Work on paperwork and accounting issues

3. New Media Department

3.1. Produces Music Videos

3.2. Promotes Music Videos

3.3. Oversees Promotions

3.4. Oversees marketing oppurtunities

3.5. Videos such as ones on MTV, VH1, BET, & Youtube

4. Promotion Department

4.1. Secure radio airplay

4.2. Works with FM and satellite radio

4.3. Communicate with all departments to ensure all are working together properly

4.4. Solicit videos to television networks

4.5. Markets and sells artists records

5. Art Department

5.1. Supervise product designs

5.2. Consumer press advertising

5.3. Retail sales posters

5.4. CD & Vinyl art

5.5. Work with business affairs department