Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Inappropriate Usage of Technology (ex: Games, Youtube, etc.)

1.1. Set some ground rules on day one. Should anyone be found using their phone/tablet in an inappropriate way, their technology should be confiscated.

2. Inappropriate Language

2.1. Set rules about words that shouldn't be used in a class environment. Should such rules be broken, remove some privileges from the offender.

2.2. Teach your foulmouthed student some comedic words that they might utilize instead of actual swear words.

3. Physical Threats

3.1. Inform student's parents and consult a professional. Physical violence is unacceptable

4. Chatterboxes

4.1. Give the student a reminder that there are rules regarding speech; they should remain silent and attentive while others speak.

4.2. Acknowledge the student's positive behaviour and remarks. Politely remind them that they should, however, raise their hands if they wish to contribute.

5. Chronic Late Comers

5.1. Acknowledge them when they come on time.

5.2. Give their parents a call. Inform them that their child has a habit of coming late. Suggest that the student leaves their home earlier.

6. Organizing Material

6.1. Assign distinctive features for classroom objects. For example; colour coded folders, enumerated pages, etc.

6.2. Should students be found to be disorganized, provide a container for their belongings.

7. Wisecracks

7.1. Acknowledge whenever a student makes a quip. Remind them, however, that they should be respectful towards the teacher and their peers.

7.2. Set a tone for your class when you want things to get serious. For example; No one should be talking for the next five minutes of class.

8. Lacking Participation

8.1. Praise student whenever they make a contribution.

8.2. Call on student frequently. Make them participate.

9. Failing to Turn In Work

9.1. Make the student complete their unfinished work during recess or after class.

9.2. Form a 'Buddy System' where students remind each other about work they have to complete.

10. Sadness/Depression

10.1. Acknowledge positive behaviour. Make the student feel comfortable.

10.2. Have one-on-one talks with your student. try to sort out their issues. If their problems are out of your reach, then try contacting their parents.