Keenan Smallwood About Me :)

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Keenan Smallwood About Me :) by Mind Map: Keenan Smallwood     About Me :)

1. Work

1.1. I currently serve as the COO of Smallwood Management, Inc., my family's real estate management company.

1.2. Prior to serving as COO of Smallwood Management, Inc., I worked as the marketing specialist, where I prioritized creating community partnerships.

1.3. In the future, after obtaining my MBA and MD degrees, I hope to start a chain of wellness clinics in the Philadelphia/tri-state area, focusing on the needs of the underserved community.

2. Education

2.1. I currently hold a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Widener University. I also have a certificate in Organizational Leadership from the Widener University Oskin Leadership Institute.

2.2. Presently, I am pursuing my M.B.A. with dual concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management from the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. I am also currently working toward obtaining a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Georgetown University School of Public Policy.

2.3. In the future, I hope to go on to obtain an MD degree from a U.S. medical school and specialize in family medicine.

3. Places I've Lived

3.1. Currently, I reside in the Historic Newcastle, Delaware.

3.2. I have lived in Philadelphia, PA.

3.3. I consider Wilmington, Delaware to be my hometown.

4. Hobbies

4.1. I enjoy playing the piano, something I have done since I was nine.

4.2. I also enjoy reading novel's with friends when I get the chance.

4.3. I am also a member of the Wilmington Rowing Association, and love getting out on the water in the summer.

5. LinkedIn Account