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Death penalty by Mind Map: Death penalty

1. Social Cultural

1.1. Norms and Values

1.1.1. Netherlands vs Saudi Arabië Cultural differences Sharia vs non-religious

2. Social Economical

2.1. USA

2.2. 137 million dollars per year

2.3. Death penalty costs more than life in prision

2.4. Save money by abolishing death penalty

2.5. Some states dont have death penalty, so they don't have to save money on that.

2.6. Trials

3. Poltical/law

3.1. defined in law

3.1.1. Illegal (NL) vs legal (Saudi Arabia)

4. International/historical

4.1. Historical

4.1.1. First law for death Around 18th century BC

4.1.2. Death penalty NL Used long time for worst crimes 19th century > French > guillotine

4.2. International

4.2.1. How many countries 57 countries still death penalty

4.2.2. For what crimes Ordinary crimes (57) Exeptional crimes (8) In law, not executed (30)