Critical Review on the pros and cons of social networking sites

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Critical Review on the pros and cons of social networking sites by Mind Map: Critical Review on the pros and cons of social networking sites

1. Introductory paragraph

1.1. Social networking helps us connect with other people.

1.2. People can use these sites to network professionally.

1.3. It helps us organize events and invite friends.

1.4. It also aids in the promotion of the works of artiste's or actors.

1.5. In addition, it acts as application platforms.

1.6. Besides, in helps people get out of jail.

1.7. However, it makes identity theft more common.

1.8. Lastly, it traps people into downloading malicious software.

2. Body paragraph 1

2.1. I agree with the fact that people are able to connect with each other easily

2.2. Through social networking, people find it easier to communicate with people in other cities, states or countries

2.3. It allows us to meet new people who have similarities and common interests enables us to share our thoughts on a similar topic.

2.4. Sarah,Z (2015) states that "with the rise of websites such as facebook, social networking enables us to communicate with people allover the world efficiently"

2.5. Brown,E (2017) states that " the arrival of social media, staff and team managers can connect instantaneously without leaving their work place."

3. Body paragraph 2

3.1. In addition, i would also agree that social networking makes identity theft easier

3.2. Criminals can steal your photos, personal details and online passwords in a matter of seconds, all from the comfort of their home.

3.3. With the increased global use of social media, there are more opportunities than ever before to steal identities.

3.4. Trotman,R : Kaspersky Lab (2016) states that the number of identity theft victims continues to rise, with identity theft counting for 64% of all data pictures in the first half of 2016.

3.5. University of Maryland (n.d) found that hackers are attacking computers and networks to steal identities of their victims at a "near-constant rate" with an average of one attack every 39 seconds

4. Body paragraph 3

4.1. However, i would disagree on the fact that social networking can get a person out of jail.

4.2. Decisions that are supposed to be made in court formally should not be decided on a social network by people who have no qualification to do so.

4.3. Users of the social network may have no proof on a particular incident will have too much freedom to decide the outcome.

4.4. People of today are more biased and would rather pick the sides that share the same race, religion,skin colour and nationality and it is probably not the best decision to give in to the influence of social networking in making formal and serious decisions.

4.5. Ahmed,H : CNN (2008) states that the case of James Karl Buck who was arrested for covering an anti-government protest rally. He was arrested along with a friend, Maree. James then went on to is twitter and posted "arrested". His followers were alerted and immediaely contacted the U.S government and managed to get him out leaving behind Maree who did not get the support.

5. Conclusion

5.1. In conclusion that points that we have collectively agreed on are that social networking can connect us with people easily and that it can social networking makes identity theft more easier

5.2. Social networking has many pros and cons but to get the full use out of it, users have to be rasional and disciplined

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