History revision

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History revision by Mind Map: History revision

1. britain pre 1066

1.1. vikings and saxons invaded england

1.2. known as anglosaxons

1.3. Edward the confessor ruled 1065

1.4. 1.5 mill pop. and everyone was a farmer

1.5. 8 major towns

2. three kings

2.1. Harold godwinson

2.1.1. english

2.2. Harald hardrada

2.2.1. norweigan

2.3. Edward duke of normandy

2.3.1. french

3. conquest

3.1. Edward crowned king

3.1.1. took all land,destroyed villages and burned crops

3.2. said would not touch land

3.2.1. rebellions

4. castles

4.1. motte and bsiley

4.1.1. could be burned ,smashed ,chopped down and could rot

4.1.2. stone castles replaced wood ones

4.1.3. fortified gatehouses with portcullises and murder holes

4.1.4. concentric castles which had cylindrical towers that wouldn't collapse

4.1.5. by 1400 castles were used mainly for luxury homes for royalty

5. feudal system

5.1. means land based system

5.2. top to bottom, kings,barons,knights,peasants

5.3. peasants couldn't leave lords land and had to pay for everything

6. village life

6.1. focused on farming

6.2. bones were worn from work and were shorter because of lack of nutrition

6.3. villages were organised around lords house

6.4. they used tools like scythes

7. towns

7.1. only 15 towns with a pop. of more than 1000 and only eight with more than 3000

7.2. 90% of people lived in countryside villages with 50 to 100 people in them

7.3. London had 10,000

7.4. towns grew near main roads and rivers for trade

7.5. towns grew near castles and monasteries for protection

7.6. charters were rules

7.7. streets were named after the trade they worked on

8. king John + magna carta

8.1. all money was spent before him

8.2. made big mistakes

8.2.1. lost wars and land and so nicknamed soft sword and lackland

9. black death

9.1. bubonic and pneumonic plagues

9.2. arrived in 1349 through trade to asia

9.3. disease spread through rats and rats

9.4. symptoms: buboes, red and black rash, rotting lungs, coughing and sneezing blood

9.5. thought plague could be cured by killing all the cats and dogs, strap chickens to toads to buboes, drink poisonous mercury.

9.6. killed half the people in England, wages increased, peasants were more valuable, some villages were wiped out, more demand for freedom, food more expensive

9.7. people still liked the same entertainment, people did not know how to cure disease, most people still farmed.

10. the medieval church

10.1. very powerful

10.2. catholic church

10.3. church had own courts for gambling, being drunk, swearing, not going to church, shaving on a sunday

10.4. if people did not listen to priest they go to hell

10.5. purgatory was the in between. it was extremely painful

10.6. spend less in purgatory by, listening to priest, pray to saints,go on pilgrimage, pay/trust monks to pray for you, build a chapel, do good deeds