Expectation of Internet Customer

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Expectation of Internet Customer by Mind Map: Expectation of Internet Customer

1. More Personalization

1.1. They expect a company will put the information and products they want where they expect to find them

1.2. a customer service rep better be available to chat at any given second customers navigate your website

1.3. the toll-free number must be prominently displayed on all web pages so customers don’t have to work to find it

2. More option

2.1. Customers want self-service, voice, digital and social means to interact with a company and its people

2.2. While offering as many channels to communicate as customers demand is important, it’s probably more vital that communication is seamless and agile.

3. Constant Contact

3.1. Keeping in touch can deflect incoming contacts, which can reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction and revenues.

3.2. utility customers tend to want emergency notifications texted to their cellular devices, B2B customers often prefer periodic emails notifying them of scheduled maintenance or contract renewals, and retail and tech customers are more likely to keep a keen eye on social media for the latest news

4. Listen closely, respond quickly

4.1. Companies need to respond to feedback, act on it and let customers know what’s been done to make their experience better based on the data.

5. Give front-liners more control

5.1. xpect front-line service and sales pros to be knowledgeable enough to handle anything and have the authority to do what needs to be done to satisfy customers.

5.2. most customers have good intentions where they just want their issues resolved, problems fixed and questions answered

6. Customers want more: 5 new expectations you must meet now