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Dampen by Mind Map: Dampen

1. Other examples

1.1. His retirement this week did not merely dampen those hopes.

1.2. “In other words, the deterioration in international conditions continues to dampen activity in German industry.”

1.3. The mayor and other critics of Airbnb insist they want to contain rather than dampen tourism.

1.4. Washington Democrats risk dampening enthusiasm among anti-Trump activists

2. Primary Meanings

2.1. lessen in force or effect

2.1.1. Synonyms: break, damp, soften, weaken

2.1.2. "nothing could dampen her enthusiasm"

2.1.3. I didn't want to dampen his spirits.

2.1.4. Rising raw-material costs dampened profits for many manufacturers.

2.1.5. The outlook for the global economy looked gloomy, and dampened expectations of a rise in profits that quarter.

2.2. make moist

2.2.1. "the fine rain dampened her face"

2.2.2. Rain had dampened the tent so we left it to dry in the afternoon sun.

2.3. check; keep in check (a fire)

3. To dampen something is to stifle it, to lessen its effect, or to moisten it. Getting a cold will dampen your enthusiasm.

3.1. This word has several related meanings, most of which make something less effective or powerful.

3.2. Using a towel will dampen it in the sense of getting it wet, but dampening goes beyond things that are damp (wet).

3.3. Bad news will dampen your mood, bringing it down.

3.4. Boxing gloves dampen the force of punches because they cushion the blows.

3.5. Anything dampened has been weakened and brought down a notch.

4. deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping

4.1. damp, dull, muffle, mute, tone down

5. smother or suppress

5.1. stifle

6. make vague or obscure or make (an image) less visible

7. reduce the amplitude (of oscillations or waves)

7.1. "slider switches on the mixers can dampen the drums"