Philippines Management

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Philippines Management by Mind Map: Philippines Management

1. 5. training

1.1. most important thing

1.1.1. it's the #1 thing they like

1.1.2. it does 4 things 1. helps them be productive 2. helps you build a relationship with them 3. helps them understand your business more 4. helps them be prepared for the future when you'll ask them to figure stuff out on their own

1.1.3. teach them everything about your business over time

1.2. explain it again

1.2.1. example: how to write reviews

1.3. video/screen shots/audios

1.4. hire them to do 1 thing. Then teach other things.

1.4.1. gives confidence

1.4.2. establishes a relationship

1.4.3. establishes working conditions

1.5. feedback

1.5.1. be involved.

2. 1. embarassment

2.1. disappearing

2.2. not giving enough training

2.3. training not good enough

2.4. biggest problem

2.4.1. every person you hire will have this problem

3. 4. expectations

3.1. what skills they have

3.2. what skills they say they have

3.3. setting the right expectations with them

4. 6. knowing how to do it yourself

4.1. if you don't know how to, they don'teither

5. 3. looking at it as a long-term investment

5.1. permanent employees

5.2. spend time on training

5.3. spend time on solving problems

5.4. spend time getting to know them

5.5. give them ownership of things

5.6. overpaying builds loyalty

6. 2. recognize they're human

6.1. they make mistakes

6.1.1. assume it's your fault first

6.1.2. correct them nicely

6.1.3. they do things wrong how do you handle this case taking responsibility yourself not blaming others patience it might take a few tries it's worth it, it's long term

6.2. they do things right

6.2.1. give praise give praise! for everything it's part of their culture. They want it. even if they didn't do it great, give praise first then correct them. Never criticize first. This will embarrass them and make them more likely to disappear.

6.2.2. example:

6.3. treat them right

6.3.1. be understanding

6.3.2. don't get mad

6.3.3. help them out if they need help

6.3.4. allow them to have a hard time in life every once in a while. Life is hard for them

6.3.5. birthdays email sent to paolo, plus his response

6.3.6. how's their family concern yourself with their family they're not robots

7. 7. communication

7.1. constant

7.1.1. daily they want to hear from you, even it's just "thanks" from their daily email every one of my people gave me this feedback when I asked

7.1.2. manage without micro-managing

7.2. email

7.3. IM

7.4. phone

7.5. so they don't lose their track to the goal

7.6. asking questions

7.6.1. do they know how to do this

7.6.2. do they enjoy it

7.6.3. do they need help

7.6.4. what can I do to help you?

8. 8. things to watch out for

8.1. not giving them room to improve

8.1.1. There are bosses that give very easy tasks giving the employee no room to improve. They gave tasks like posting hundreds of tweets on twitter, doing hundreds of profile linking and not explaining why they are doing it. The employees can be happy with the salary with very easy tasks, but the question is, what did they learned from what they are doing? None.

8.2. Being overly harsh

8.2.1. My friends boss some are very authoritative, fault finder and over judgmental, it creates a gap between employee and employer, it makes them work because of fear of losing their job.

8.3. having impossible standards

8.3.1. Have impossible standards. A friend of mine was working for this guy who hired a manager. All of them were required to wave on skype for roll call. If you don't wave or say hi, you're fired. He got fired obviously. They were made to blackhat since the guy had no SEO background. Hired managers who had no background too. When they gave their opinions or discouraged certain strategies, he said they were being difficult. Also, the guy made assumptions and said they are not allowed to be absent, even with storms, sickness or family emergencies. He was a monster. My friend lost weight until he was fired. :)

8.4. payment

8.4.1. always pay on time

8.4.2. even if they don't produce results, pay them

8.4.3. their lives depend on your payments

8.5. don't tell other people the name of your employees. They'll contact them. Always.