Absolute monarchs

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Absolute monarchs by Mind Map: Absolute monarchs

1. Spanish kings

1.1. the son of Charles ruled Spain

1.2. Charles I

1.2.1. king of Great Britan

1.3. Philip II

1.3.1. king of spain,

2. French absolute monarch

2.1. louis xiv king of france

2.1.1. came to power and froud ocured.

2.2. Henry of Navarre was assassinated, dreams were never reached.

3. Divine right

3.1. The king is chosen by and submits only to God

3.2. no earthly laws apply to the king

4. English absolute monarch

4.1. was under the rule of the king and parliament.

4.2. James I and Charles I tried to take absolute control

5. Russian absolute monarch

5.1. Peter the great first Russian emperor in 1721.

5.1.1. tried to bring the Russian Orthodox church under his control

5.2. Russia took a look at a transition into modernization.

5.3. could not become a great power without a strong navy.