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Furlough by Mind Map: Furlough

1. Other examples

1.1. Thousands of state workers faced furlough - as happened last year when the state government shut down for only the second time in New Jersey history.

1.2. The U.S. embassy in Athens issued a statement Tuesday deploring his furlough.

1.3. The federal workers facing an unpaid furlough: 'We're being used as pawns'

2. grant a leave to

2.1. “The prisoner was furloughed for the weekend to visit her children”

2.2. "furloughed workers"

3. a temporary leave of absence from military duty

3.1. Furlough started as a word for time off from military duty. It spread from there to other types of time off, including an employer furloughing (or laying off) employees.

3.2. leave, leave of absence

4. dismiss, usually for economic reasons

4.1. A furlough is a temporary layoff, involuntary leave or other modification of normal working hours without pay for a specified duration.

4.2. Synonyms: lay off