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Erin Keller, Clinical Occupational Therapist, TQEH CALHN - Clinical Supervision of AHP1 - OT Clinical Student Supervision - OT Student Community Development Project Supervision by Mind Map: Erin Keller, Clinical Occupational Therapist, TQEH CALHN  -	Clinical Supervision of AHP1  -	OT Clinical Student Supervision  -	OT Student Community Development Project Supervision

1. Clinical Supervision

1.1. Monika Seebok Clinical OT and Palliative Care OT Speciality Advisor TQEH CALHN - My formal clinical supervisor - Only recently started our clinical supervision relationship and completed our supervision agreement. -Provides me with formal 1:1 clinical supervision, informal debriefing, access to palliative care specific resources, linkage with other relevant health professionals both in our network and in others.

1.2. Jade Ryan AHP1 Clinical OT, RAH CALHN - My clinical supervisee. - Established supervision relationship and agreement for 1.5 years. - Provides me with continual learning opportunity to develop my supervision and questioning skills, - I provide her with 1:1 formal clinical supervision focused on clinical and professional skill development, informal debriefing

1.3. My Students - Usually a 9 week relationship, either for clinical or community development placements. - I provide them with clinical and professional supervision throughout their placement, assessment using the SPEF-R tool, and occasionally act as a referee for them. - They provide me with continual learning opportunities to develop my supervision skills in relation to different individuals learning and professional styles as well as personalities. They often force me to reflect on what I do/don’t know, what my supervision experiences were like as a student and how I need to further develop.

2. Line Management

2.1. Nerida, Amy, Christina, Jane AHP3 OT Seniors and Line Managers, TQEH and RAH, CALHN - Varied length of relationships, from 1-3years - Provides me with clinical and professional formal/informal support in a variety of caseload areas. Will advocate for me and alert me of opportunities for career development. - I assist them with providing support for more junior colleagues.

2.1.1. OT Managers, AHP4 RAH/TQEH/HRC, CALHN - Known for 2-3years - They have a wider understanding of what is happening in CALHN, and also other LHN’s. Therefore they are able to assist me in further developing my network and linking me with relevant others. They are also the point of contact for the uni’’s, in terms of negotiating student placements. - I assist them by supervising students, as per CALHN and SA Health’s commitment to student supervision and relationship with the uni’s. I also provide them with feedback on developments or issues ón the ground’ and work with them to develop solutions regarding students and service planning. Tracey Kroon CALHN OT Director, AHP5 - Haven known for 3years. Whilst I do have face to face contact with Tracey, my relationship is largely ‘fed’ through my AHP 3 and 4 line managers. - Her role includes having an understanding of clinical education/student supervision in the national and international context. She further widens our CALHN Professional network and ensures we are adhering to international/national quality guidelines. - Again, I assist her with taking on a student supervisor role (as per AHP 3 managers relationship).

3. Multi-D

3.1. Ellie Patzel and Deb Rowe AHP2 Physiotherapy Student Clinical Educators, RAH and TQEH, CALHN - 3 year professional relationship - Able to provide me with informal guidance/support and debriefing, opportunity to see how different discipline placements work. - Able to link with them to enable OT and PT students to work together, both in clinical and community development placements.

3.2. International Centre for Allied Health Excellence (iCAHE), UniSA - Resource for a variety of tools, services and resources to translate evidence into practice - Access to a range of Multi-D researchers. - Provides access to latest evidence in clinical education, as well as specialist practice areas.

4. Uni Educators

4.1. Wendy Cearns and Susie Owens, OT Clinical Liaison Coordinators, UniSA - Have known since I was an OT student on clinical placements myself, and have continued working with her through student placements. - Provides me and my students with support throughout both clinical and community development placements. - Links me with clinical education resources as well as other OT’s in different networks who are also facilitating students in similar clinical areas.

4.2. Angela Berndt (Program Director), Sue Gilbert Hunt, Hugh Stewart, Carolyn Murray, Lindy Williams etc UniSA Lecturers and Tutors - Have known since I was a student and they were my lecturers/tutors. Have worked together in a professional capacity for the last 6 years through student placements. - They provide me and my students with support, when preparing for and during student placements. They can point me and my students towards specific learning tools to assist with teaching/communication/learning. They also assist with ‘bridging’ they gap between uni course work and real life clinical/professional workplace scenario’s. - I assist them by taking on a student supervisor role, and by providing them with regular feedback regarding how the students are developing. Also provide them with feedback re: what skills/topics may/may not require more focus on in the uni course work, to ensure students are ready for clinical/community development placements.

5. Colleagues

5.1. Holly Jasper, Claudia Crisci, Nicole Dillon, Bec Willox Fellow AHP2 OT/PT Colleagues, RAH and TQEH, CALHN - Known for 2-3years - 2 way relationship in which we each provide eachother with informal support, debriefing. Also able to work together to combine student orientation and skill development inservices/education sessions.

6. Professional Body

6.1. OT Australia Professional Body representing OT’s in Australia - Have been a member for 6 years - Provides access to Australian OT Journal, Interest and Regional Groups, mentor program etc.