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Marketing by Mind Map: Marketing

1. Wider than Market

2. System

3. Characteristics

3.1. Integrated Process

3.2. Customer Oriented

3.3. Part of Total Enviroinment

3.4. Creative

3.5. Goal Oriented

3.6. Pervasive

4. Objectives

4.1. Consumer Satisfaction

4.2. Organizational Integration

4.3. Profitability

4.4. Social Service

5. Stages

5.1. Production Oriented 1869-1930

5.2. Sales Oriented Stage 1930-1950

5.3. Product Oriented Stage 1950-1960

5.4. Marketing Oriented Stage 1960-1980

5.5. Societal Marketing Stage 1980-

6. Marketing Mix

6.1. Importance

6.1.1. Increase Sales and Profits

6.1.2. Identify the product

6.1.3. Integrated approach to Marketing

6.1.4. Link between Business and customers

6.1.5. Maintain equiibrium with marketing enviroinment

6.2. Elements

6.2.1. Influencing Factors Customers Competitors Dealers Government

6.2.2. Product Product Range Width Depth Product Quality Branding Packaging Benefits Features Labelling Brand Label Descriptive Label After Sales service Warranty against defects Product LifeCycle Introduction Stage Growth Stage Maturity Stage Decline Stage

6.2.3. Price Factors Cost of production and Distribution Nature and size of Demand Price charged by competition Product Quality and service perception Buying Motives Promotional Strategy Risk undertaken by Seller Government Price regulation Strategy Skimming Price Penetrating pricing Cost Plus Pricing Parity Pricing

6.2.4. Place Channels of Distribution Flows Types of Channels Factors in choosing Channel Distribution Policy Physical Transportation Warehousing Storage or Inventory Control

6.2.5. Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Publicity Public relations

6.3. Process of Determination

6.3.1. Identify Target Customers

6.3.2. Understand Needs and Desires

6.3.3. Design

6.3.4. Testing

6.3.5. Adoption