8-Bit LLC 2017 - 2018

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8-Bit LLC 2017 - 2018 by Mind Map: 8-Bit LLC 2017 - 2018

1. 12-2017

1.1. Core Team began expanding the business by hiring new employees. 3 new employees were added in December 2017 that are still with the company over a year later.

1.1.1. Alex Groq 12-10 Graphic Design content design, banners for paid ads, website landing page graphics, and stickers for social media for Listed Launch Campaigns

1.1.2. Rhiannon Fletcher 12-19 Assisted Matias with writing copy for the KuCoin website, and Willy Thrill Medium Blog, both PR's and Listing Announcements for Listed Launch Campaigns Created a content schedule and got 2-3 days ahead on all content requests for copy and graphics by working as a team with Matais and Alex When finished with my daily writing assignments I used Blockgeeks to learn about blockchain, ethereum, mining, trading, and other crypto related topics. Processed my education visa in order to work for the company and invested 30,000 baht to do that + the Visa Run itself of 8,000. Total invested to start the job 38,000 THB which I had to borrow against future work I agreed to do for other clients.

1.1.3. Rochelle "Heart" Pusso 12-27 Assisted Perry with admin and accounting tasks

1.2. BCH Pairs were introduced at KuCoin

1.3. Fork Updates are assigned to Ariel Ho

1.4. Began planning listings one week ahead, instead of on the fly.

2. 01-2018

2.1. Core Team's New Focus

2.1.1. Increase Sales Marcis 01-02 Began assisting Matias and CVR in selling marketing packages for listings, and arranging the listings for the projects on KuCoin Business Development Consulting Lead Generation & Outreach Found some hidden Gems Nick VK 01-10 Began working remotely also assisting Matias and CVR with Listing Talks and Marketing Packages Suggested we download HubSpot CRM so it will be easier to keep track of our contacts, companies and deals Bo 01-17 Admin Support Token Listing Application Created Google Doc 1.18.2018 born from being in the listing chats with Matias, Nick, Marcis, and Ariel Ho. All questions they asked of clients ended up on the listing application to begin consolidating data and put everything in one place Got the Steps for Listing on the Binance Exchange and used them to help craft our own system New policy for unique wallet addresses is introduced to make accounting easier Roy comes to visit for the first time, focused on trading began a spreadsheet to track upcoming ICO's and get on their Whitelist SingularityNet wants an ongoing Traffic Deal with us 1.30.2018 Data Mining & List Building for Outreach Tokens and projects Marketeers Market Makers

2.1.2. Build our own exchange by March 25 Started talks with Poramin who owns ZCoin and 60% of TDEX. If we make a copy of our script we can have our own exchange

2.1.3. Original Prototype of the Xatonax Prod System was conceived and system requirements were drafted to create software that can take over the ratings of the coins/tokens that Fabian/Rhiannon are working on now Vlada, Ri Ri, and Fabian Fabian taught Ri Ri how to rate coins manually Ri Ri created a list of 45 criteria then 5 categories to put all the criteria into Weighted each measure with an appropriate weight for how important it was in the value assessment of a token or project Original algorithm written in excel by Ri Ri, Roy, and his GF in Excel First prototype is started by Vlada with Ri Ri as PM

2.1.4. Tek Dev Branch Set up begins to get everyone legit 1.31.2018 Ri Ri and Pat AW Biz

2.2. KUCOIN becomes a UNICORN January, 8, 2018

2.2.1. support is the new focus cannot handle the growth

2.2.2. BCH Gets Listed

3. 03-2018

3.1. Ri Ri ceases all in-house writing and begins working in admin full time. CVR Likes HubSpot and the info in contains

3.1.1. Warring with Ariel Ho regarding admin inside the project chats. Rainbow Balls are introduced and the Listing Workflow was created by Ariel from Ri Ri's notes. Ariel refused to follow her own document and we could not even communicate it to her until we traveled to China in April Flow is agreed upon, automated workflows and tasks were set up in HubSpot Documents Listing App Listing Date Client Contact Info other random fires Progress Reports for Projects are now required The Client Services Survey is born Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free. The De-Listing System is introduced 03.26.2018 ST List planned to roll out April 1

3.2. New Hires and New Partners

3.2.1. Blockchain Solutions is Born

3.2.2. Nick - 03-20 Starts the BlockChain School Takes over writing PR's and Listing Announcements

3.3. KuCoin begins ignoring projects and even went as far as ignoring a project the day of listing.

3.3.1. The project published their nightmare and the only positive thing they had to say was about the communication provided by Ri Ri.

3.4. Listing Refund Hell begins

3.5. KuCoin panics and removes their Team page from the website 03.08.2018

3.5.1. UDesk and Zen Desk are both connected and causing a SUPPORT nightmare

3.5.2. Market Making is being confused with volume making, so now the requirement from last month has been pulled back

4. 04-2018

4.1. Clean Up Inititaves

4.1.1. KuCoin Support Desk Restructure & Organization Zen Desk U Desk quality of existing content inquiry routing issues Steven Shi begins working with KuCoin Nick Begins rewriting support Engineers and Support personnel do not communicate effectively Support is at a stand still

4.1.2. Core, Ri Ri & Francis travel to China Ri Ri and Ariel meet for the first time and discuss the rainbow balls and have a whiteboard session with the management team. Ariel thinks Marcis is a secretary Tommy, Ri Ri and Steven meet about support and we present our plan to restructure Perry and Ri Ri work on the accounting for the refund mess. In the beginning everything was dumped into a single account, some went to kc, some went to us and everything had to be accounted for. We made a new spreadsheet to make sense of the one Perry had with missing data inside his head only and pulled it out onto the paper Ri Ri and Francis meet for the first time and Francis witnesses Ri Ri start a fire in a five star restaurant with a croissant Miles is now working for KuCoin KC believed we were taking the LISTING FEEs this has been cleared up

4.1.3. Market Making is NOT understood by KuCoin

4.1.4. Marketing is NOT understood by KuCoin

4.1.5. Lack of understanding what a CRM is for

4.1.6. Do not understand how to implement the workflows they required

4.1.7. Lack of communication from operations to sales and sales cannot get clear answers about anything

4.2. Shared Operation Ludwafgl with all, and Michael had not seen it until this trip.

4.3. Listing Application Process is clearly and fully defined Meeting 2018.04.26 - Listing Application Process

4.3.1. Instructions Token Listing Application Instructions: Outbound & Inbound

4.3.2. Listing Application Unowned Tokens and Coins

4.4. Ariel Lopez joins the team

5. 05-2018

5.1. Role Changes

5.1.1. Ri Ri Promoted to Director of Admin/Accounting & HR Drafted first employment contract for Alex E Began drafting contract between KuCoin and Phoenix LTD with Found a new Chef to keep the natives from rioting Started Company Calendar

5.1.2. Nick T. Head Writer

5.2. Recruiting

5.2.1. 12 positions in total to help assist KuCoin Job descriptions and sourcing of candidates was full throttle Schedule all new hires to begin the 11th of June when Ri Ri returns from Surgery

5.3. Tek Dev Branches officially set up

5.3.1. New Hires Truck 5.15 - Admin Asst to Ri Ri First work permit processed for Truck Started planning first round of WP for Matias, Ri Ri, Heart, Alex F. and Kal Prepped and planned Truck to assist Tommy while Ri Ri left for 2 weeks to have surgery Chris Starr - 5.21 Writer Francois 5.23 (HFT) HFT Services is Born

5.4. Ariel & Mia visit Thailand when Ri Ri was in the hospital.

5.5. CVR, Marcis, & Andy fly to KuCoin

5.6. Andy & Kal receive training and instructions to work together to be the Listing Manager. Listing Manager - Andy & Kal & Another. They were unable to ever master this list of tasks and neither work for 8-bit anymore.

5.7. Trapped all members of the CORE inside the Labyrinth for my 40th birthday so CVR could have a weekend away without anyone asking him anything

5.8. CVR's initial promise to Ri Ri that he would have a legit company set up within 6 months comes true.

6. 06-2018

6.1. New Hires June

6.1.1. 06.11 Danielle - Ongoing Sales Support Rep Alex E. - Rating & Listings Director Ali - Marketing Manger Bruce K. - Sales & Marketing Director

6.1.2. Paul & Susan 06.18 Came to observe operations and check out Thailand. Returned to begin work in Sept.

6.1.3. Slawek - Designer 06.27 joined to work for a month then went back to collect his family and relocate in Sept

6.1.4. Agata - Community Manager Russia 06.26

6.2. Work Permits Round 1

6.2.1. Matias, Ri Ri, Kal, Alex G. & Heart

6.2.2. SingularityNet was being managed by Kal, and Ri Ri got involved during the WP trip to Laos for the first time.

6.3. Kal was PM for Ongoing Marketing at this point

6.3.1. Ri Ri worked with Kal by reading the entire email string between Arif and CVR and got everyone on the same page

6.3.2. Ri Ri and Alex created the first traffic report for SNET for their first 6 months of service This report lead them to paying their bill for the marketing services we provided to them This report also encouraged them to sign back up as a customer in October 2018

6.3.3. Revain traffic report completed for their 6 month campaign

6.4. Nick flies to Skyline

6.5. CVR and Andy return to KuCoin

6.5.1. IDG Investment News for July

6.5.2. Conferences for Q3 & Q4 Bruce/Ali

6.5.3. Telegram Listing Competition - Vote for your Favorite Coin

6.6. Ri Ri & Alex E with Truck begin migrating files to G-suite and setting up company emails while improving security.

6.7. Put the original Token Listing Application into a Google Form

6.8. Ali & Bruce begin scouting for conferences to possibly attend

6.9. Community Management Marketing proposed and won for KuCoin local marketing campaigns

6.10. Facebook Groups Management Purchasing & Renting begins

7. 07-2018

7.1. New Hires

7.1.1. Ashel 7.09

7.1.2. Eric Wern 7.17

7.2. KuCoin Visits 7.19

7.2.1. Larry, Chuck, Mia, Ariel & John

7.2.2. Miles 8 hour meeting with Issues Log for all issues happening between KC and 8-bit Identified issues, and solutions for everything as well as action items for both sides.

7.3. Integrated the Listing Application to the KuCoin Website, and connected it to HubSpot, Alex E, Ri Ri & Truck KuCoin Listing Application

8. 08-2017

8.1. Ariel, Marcis, Andy & Eric travel to KC office in China

8.2. Ariel Ho put in her 30 day notice

8.3. Ian Balina visits Thailand and China

8.4. Ongoing Marketing Department Gets Structured Ri Ri is overseeing it P/T and still Director of Admin Services

8.4.1. Ongoing Marketing Conducting Surveys Hunting for Contacts https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dIR7KwYJmYBRk6nABIHOhG3uw76ysrvmX5q8kUKs-c4/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=104797662966151425929 Bo & Danielle Appointment Setting Set appointments for a Closer (ri ri) to sell ongoing marketing custom packages Survey Analysis PM to analyze surveys and pull out hot buttons to prep closer for the sales call Sales Calls Review survey analysis Interview client Project Management Starr

8.4.2. Admin/HR & Accounting

8.5. New Hires

8.5.1. Researchers begin arriving from Argentina Eric J Brenda

8.5.2. Ivan - FB administration to assist Alex F.

9. 09-2018

9.1. Partnered with SimilarWeb

9.2. Ri Ri leaves Admin and Truck is promoted

9.3. Ri Ri begins to focus on Ongoing Marketing Structure and Organization Full Time

9.3.1. Bo - Surveys & Appt Setting

9.3.2. Danielle - Surveys & Appt Setting

9.3.3. Starr - Surveys, Survey analysis, Project Management after clients are sold

9.3.4. Ri Ri - Manager/Closer - fill in of any of the other position plus admin and structuring of the new department

9.4. Suzy & Paul arrive to begin working fulltime

9.5. Internal Company Investment Fund opens deposits

10. 10-2018

10.1. Ongoing Marketing Gets off the Ground. Achieved 85% of sales goal that was $10,000 USD by end of October.

10.1.1. Deals Won SNET signs back up - 2,500 USD Car Vertical Social Media Blast - 1,000 USD Origin Trail Paid Trial - 5,000 USD

10.1.2. Identified client concerns & complaints

10.1.3. Uncovered Issues w/ branders and other services from bookmarking, to content production to Telegram fights, to wrong gender used in personans etc. etc.

10.1.4. Department transitions of Starr leaving and Danielle being promoted

10.1.5. Andy joins the team

10.1.6. Began to change tactics and move away from Facebook and more toward Reddit and true Guerilla tactics

10.2. Guided Oyster Pearl through their emergency and cooperated with them

10.2.1. Ri Ri dealt with the inital call and was the communication conduit between Michael Gan and the client Matias found the Identity of the culprit

10.3. New Hires

10.3.1. Connor - Writer

10.3.2. Luciano - Research

11. 11-2018

11.1. New Deals

11.1.1. SophiaTX

11.2. Saved Cancellations

11.2.1. Origin Trail gained relationships with YT influencers by owning our mistakes and apologizing

11.3. 8-bit.io site launch prior to IDG Round A funding announcement.

11.4. Ongoing Marketing began designing the new Reddit Actions designated to push content to the front page of a specified subreddit with the help of a client

11.5. TeleGram Bot Competition conceived and built

11.6. New Hire

11.6.1. Nutt - Reporting

11.6.2. Andreas Svendsenn - VC Hunter

11.6.3. Gaston - Research

11.7. 8-bit is represented at Beyond Blocks in Bangkok at the first conference attended by the start up, Ri Ri & Marcis

12. 02-2018

12.1. Deciding to go long term

12.1.1. CRM tools, and sales tools begin to be evaluated to start automating sales processes HubSpot Sales & Marketing Suites wee purchased. Customized Hubspot with Company records, Contact records and Deal records The 900+ leads from KuCoin were imported into the CRM

12.1.2. The first XATONAX Prod system is not going well. Communicating the system requirements to a single developer was too much Talks began with Yavor in Bulgaria to see if he could take over the project. Yavor came to visit Thailand

12.1.3. Kal - another Bulgarian joined the team to act as PM for Xatonax Prod 2.0 and work with Blockchain solutions on the new system.

12.1.4. KuCoin began to pull ahead on the number of listings and CVR told us we needed to move faster Matias, Marcis and Ri Ri decided to work together to speed up the process. Matias was a sales machine Marcis was a sales manchine Ri Ri was an admin machine We filled the listing calendar through all of February and half way through March

12.1.5. SNET has signed up for their ongoing package and we need a dedicated PM to manage their account.

12.1.6. Expand Skyline - +20 new recruits Hire Blockchain Trainer

12.2. KuCoin is coming to visit. Preparing for our VIP guests.

12.3. Hodler ICO conceived

12.4. Listings

12.4.1. To the Moon Marketing Package reduced from 14 days to 8 days due to market deflating.

12.4.2. Minimum score to qualify for listing is now 4.0 or higher

12.4.3. Listing Fees were changed from BTC to USD

12.4.4. NDA now required by all prospective projects 2.19.2018 Contract to List Listing Criteria (RAINBOW BALLS)

12.4.5. Deposit Fee Introduced

12.4.6. Market Making Requirement

13. 12-2018

13.1. Purchased Intellifluence DB access

13.2. Set Up outreach machine for CAP through Skyline

13.2.1. Exchanges

13.2.2. Projects

13.3. Gave candid advice to Core members while they were in Georgia so they could make decisions on how to streamline the company

13.4. mass lay offs begin

13.5. New plans for skyline laid out

13.6. cross training for hodlerxl and skyline and streamlining all processes

13.7. SWOT Analysis completed for the Ongoing Marketing Department just before it was dissolved.