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ESSAY by Mind Map: ESSAY

1. Use the Norton Sampler as a reference for patterns and templates

2. Create a rough draft of an outline

2.1. Begin with hooking attention then go to body paragraph where you present your evidence, finally end with your conclusion which is a summary of what you have to say

3. Starting with the thesis and making your point

4. Revising

4.1. Set aside for a few hours or even days so you really get a breath before editing

4.2. Edit sentences by making sure they all express a complete thought.

4.3. Check for capitalization and end punctuation. Make sure all punctuation is correct

4.4. Make sure words are used correctly

4.5. Proofreading and formatting

4.5.1. Correct title/heading

4.5.2. Correct font and size as instructed

4.5.3. Correct spacing and margins

5. A text is coherent when every idea in the text is clear and related to every other idea

6. There are rhetorical patterns that can help make your ideas coherent

6.1. Description

6.2. Narrative

6.3. Comparison and contrast

6.4. Cause and effect

6.5. Argument

7. When will the assignment be due?

8. What kind of research will the assignment require?

9. Consider your purpose and audience

10. Focusing on a topic and understanding exactly what you're asked to do

11. Research

12. Keeping a Journal

13. Asking Questions

13.1. What? Where? When? Why? How?

14. Brainstorming

14.1. Write a topic and make an ongoing thought-bubble from it

15. Keeping Lists

16. Freewriting

16.1. Writing nonstop for 10 minutes and pulling out ideas you might want to come back to

17. Planning

18. Generating Ideas

19. Organizing and Drafting

20. Tone and style

20.1. Tone- attitude toward your subject or audience

20.1.1. Different audiences require a different tone

20.2. Style- the kind of language used to present yourself in a piece of writing

20.2.1. Could be formal, informal, personal or impersonal

21. Coherence

22. Thesis

22.1. The main point you want to make about the topic

22.2. Should come at the beginning of the essay

23. Topic

23.1. A particular aspect of the generalized subject

24. Elements of an essay

25. How to write an essay