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eLearning by Mind Map: eLearning

1. good eLearning

1.1. many pictures, less text

1.2. various media

1.3. online help in presence

1.4. implementation session

1.5. have an expert at beginning (support)

1.6. individualize learning

1.7. big repertoire of possibilities

1.8. choose when to learn

1.9. learn at individual paste /speed

1.10. not dependent on the place/space

1.11. have an advantage

1.11.1. save time

1.11.2. easier to share material at good quality + low price

1.11.3. easier to develop material/learning settings/stuff

1.12. have fun.

1.13. its easy to work with others "who are far away"

1.14. support natural interest of students in "new" media

1.15. being able to share and still have control over your content (take content with you)

2. bad eLearning

2.1. too many different medias

2.1.1. information and/or media overload

2.2. too much technical stuff

2.3. less personal contact

2.4. only administration tools (e.g. commsy)

2.5. dependent on technology

2.6. create equal situation for all - hard to realize

2.7. high self discipline required

2.8. some students are "afraid" of new media

2.9. students/pupils should be able to work without having to accept bad contracts

2.10. too many passwords...

2.11. too many accounts...

2.12. unsaved data

2.13. loose time while seeking for information