W Bar Financial Planning

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W Bar Financial Planning by Mind Map: W Bar Financial Planning

1. Team Make Up

1.1. Steven: Principal

1.2. Jaia: practice manager

1.3. Rhy: Director of Planning

1.4. Alec: Financial Advisor

1.5. Early 2019: another team memember

2. Revenue Split

2.1. 50% of insurance production

2.1.1. This would be on an ongoing basis for the life of the client

2.1.2. If JW is necessary on an Up Market that Alec receives then Steven and Alec split the 50% cut 50/50 (25% per person)

2.2. ? % of investment production

2.3. Leadership pays me?

2.4. If Alec utilizes us to get rid of Set then 25% revenue on outside business

2.5. I can take on an FD contract so the split would be less

3. Dual Purpose Benefits

3.1. Alec needs an influx of activity and would thrive with an aligned community and planning structured team

3.2. Steven needs to go up market and needs his back against the wall to only meet with these people and to have the peace of mind that everyone else will be stewarded well

4. How Would it work?

4.1. A formalized revenue sharing partnership will be created

4.2. Steven sends people to Alec and Alec meets with as "Alec Quaid, financial advisor of W Bar Financial Planning. Brings them on as clients of the firm and splits the revenue with us

4.3. The firm would be responsible for servicing the on going clients but Alec would review with them. All QS attained from this client and ongoing would still remain under the firm where the support team will service and plan design and Alec would be their ongoing advisor

4.4. See Flow Chart for Process Details

5. The Benefits

5.1. The Team

5.1.1. Work with our team where you do not need to train and do not have to pay a monthly amount to that you may or may not be able afford

5.2. Mastermind Group

5.2.1. Meet with me once per week to challenge growth and to continue to build the business

5.3. Healthy Infastructure

5.3.1. You'll utilize our processes that work with high activity and have the accountability for high prospecting and solid practice management

5.4. Steven and Alec together again

5.4.1. Big things happened when we were on the same team

5.5. Dialing

5.5.1. We have the capacity to take on some your dials

6. The Downsides

6.1. It's not free

6.2. We share the people even if you were the one that asked for that referral

7. What if?

7.1. Alec leaves NM

7.2. Alec wants to take the people

7.3. Alec wants to start his own firm?