Steinbeck's Views

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Steinbeck's Views by Mind Map: Steinbeck's Views

1. law and Order

1.1. Womens Rights

1.1.1. Steinbeck knew of women's suffering and how they were exploited and forced to use their femininity to to be seen by men and how men thought of them as only objects ,

1.2. Jim Crow Laws

1.2.1. Steinbeck was a supporter of friendship and not isolation or discrimination and he believed in equal rights for blacks

1.3. Black Discrimination

1.3.1. Steinbeck saw the great divide in the US between the colored and the whites and he was against all forms of discrimination and segregation and he acknowledged how bad the great depression was for blacks

1.4. The Wild West

2. Zeitgeist

2.1. Roaring 20's

2.1.1. He focused on mankind's lack of freedom. He punishes the great depression. He criticizes the american society for not being responsible with their freedom and wealth.

2.2. Golden Age of Hollywood

2.2.1. Steinbeck was full aware of how luxurious and glamorous the Hollywood life could be. He believed Hollywood allowed social experience and opportunity to escape poverty. he believed the success of Hollywood served as a remembrance of unfair conditions of those people who were attempting to peruse the American Dream

2.3. The American Dream

2.3.1. he is highly critical of the american dream. He thought that it was an impossibility. He believes this dream gave hope to those struggling. He is very against the mankind as he thinks it will ruin this dream as well. He believes mankind had the garden to Eden but ruined it.

2.4. Gambling

3. Dust Bowl

3.1. People moved to California

3.1.1. they moved due to the bad soil which forced people to move elsewhere to continue farming

3.2. Soil became dusty, sandy and dry

3.2.1. the soil dried up and turned to sand and dust and then the wind started to pick up and people were forced to move due to bad quality of air and low visibility.