Muscle Control

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Muscle Control by Mind Map: Muscle Control

1. The mind must be engaged on the muscle for it to grow

1.1. Working on something limits the focus on the muscle

1.2. And limits growth to a plateau

2. Antagonists must be relaxed

2.1. Done naturally when learning to move where the motion optimizes to only the required muscles

2.2. But better and faster done consciously

2.3. Relaxation also

2.3.1. Isolates from other contracted groups

2.3.2. Relaxes the directly and indirectly governed muscles

3. Benefits

3.1. Exercises the mind

3.1.1. Better concentration

3.1.2. More willpower

3.1.3. Clearer mind

3.2. Exercise functionality

3.2.1. Helps focus stay on the muscle

3.2.2. Provides greater involvement

3.2.3. Teaches better control

3.2.4. Makes optimal use of blood flow

3.2.5. Spares mental energy

4. Method

4.1. Relax

4.1.1. Locate the muscle

4.1.2. Verify in the mirror that the contraction or relaxation is well done

4.1.3. But do not use the mirror to seek that relaxation or contraction

4.2. Restrain

4.3. Govern

4.4. Direct

4.5. Contract

5. Context

5.1. Written in 1911

5.2. In the age of strong men displays & competitions

5.3. By a man who had grown from stunted and sickly origins and was not allowed to lift weights by overprotective parents