Lifetime Activities

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Lifetime Activities by Mind Map: Lifetime Activities


1.1. Multiple places in Lancaster have ZUMBA classes. The YMCA on Harrisburg pike has ZUMBA but that requires a $30 membership. But, there's places like Superfly Fitness, that don't require a membership and have ZUMBA often. If you go to ZUMBA's website you can search your zipcode and find multiple locations near you with ZUMBA.

1.2. ZUMBA's main goal is for people to have fun dancing at their own pace, and burning calories without even realizing it. It's a fun dance class, with upbeat music, and all ages enjoying following along to their instructor.

1.3. ZUMBA group class rates go from $5-$20 per class and usually happen weekly.

2. Swimming

2.1. Swimming is a great way to get a workout in. Swimming is for all levels because you can critique your workout in any way that you may need. You could wear flippers and hold a kick-board or do something more intense. It's great for all ages.

2.2. Swimming outside is easier in the summer, and recreation pools rate to get in is usually around $8. But if you have a gym membership which usually is around $20 a month, there's access to a pool whenever you want.


3.1. Hiking is an easy and beautiful way to get daily excersise in. In Lancaster and around Lancaster there are many easy hikes for all ages to enjoy. A popular spot would be Chickie's Rock, which also has a look out to the Susquehanna River, which is especially beautiful at sunset. Another enjoyable hike is up in Mt. Gretna, which has multiple hikes of varying intensity levels.

3.2. A nice thing about hiking is that its completely free!

3.3. Another thing I wanted to add is that you don't have to go on a hike for it to be considered a workout, even just walking around your neighborhood is good for you. Simplicity is also good when working out, you don't have to get fancy with it. Walking with a friend could be fun or even just walking your dog, either way it'll help you physically staying in shape.


4.1. There are multiple yoga studios around Lancaster and also many opportunities for yoga classes in gyms.

4.2. Commonly studios will have various levels to their yoga classes. The same goes for gyms. At studios you can get a membership or pay for a class which is between $20-$50 for a class. But I found a couple studios such as, Blaze Yoga, West End Yoga, and Yoga Path.

4.3. The benefits of yoga go beyond just your physical health but mentally yoga is a stress relieving activity for anyone. Yoga also helps with flexibility which prevents injuries.


5.1. A good cardiovascular exercise is taking the stairs. Taking the stairs, doing step classes, using a step machine, are all very beneficial to your physical fitness.

5.2. At gyms like the YMCA, there are step classes for beginners and for more advanced people that all have the same benefits. The beginner class will be more lowkey and slower paced but still is keeping you moving and getting your heart rate up.

6. Relating a lifetime activity to the fitness components

6.1. Yoga related to the 5 fitness components.

6.2. Yoga provides cardiovascular endurance through

6.3. When doing some yoga poses you are using your muscular strength in order to get yourself up or stay in that position.

6.4. Yoga provides muscular endurance considering you go through a series of poses without stopping and with continuous use of certain muscle groups.

6.5. You need flexibility or are working on your flexibility when doing yoga. It's helping with your ability to go through the range of motions.

6.6. When you burn calories during these workouts it helps with your body composition and toning of your body.