The new board issue

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The new board issue by Mind Map: The new board issue

1. Restrictions of current design

1.1. 1. The BlackBOXX do not have enough CPU and memory to work fast on system where we have thousands records per day;

1.1.1. We can find something powerful to replace BlackBOXX.

1.1.2. We can use local server with nosql or memcache.

1.2. 2. Oti (mono) need more memory and faster CPU

1.2.1. We can find something powerful to replace BlackBOXX.

1.2.2. We can use local server with more powerful board. (we need to investigate if it is possible to tunnel OTI RS-232 serial device and 3 OTI pipes between separated machines )

1.2.3. We can use CPU & RAM extend shield with more powerful board. (board with RS-232)

1.3. Real time issue: 1. Now sync via Primary take 10 seconds or more; 2. We need to have possibility to work without internet.

1.3.1. We can use local server and store all transaction data from every machine to local server and any machine can ask for transaction data from local server.

1.3.2. We can use p2p syncing and requests. Disadvantages: 1. It is additional load on BlackBOXX; 2. It is complex. Advantages: System does not depend from local server stability;

2. Solutions:

2.1. For OTI issue we need to find more powerful board for: 1. Extend CPU & RAM shield; 2. or for local server; 3. or for BlackBOXX.

2.2. Local server: 1. We should design local server and select engine and estimate load; 2. We should select board based on estimated load;

3. The board choice issues

3.1. Renee has found one, enough powerful and with 7 RS-232. Restriction: 1. It is not ARM. It is x86; 2. I dont sure if we can use it to replace old blackboxxes;

3.2. We can design own. I like imx6, imx7, imx8

3.3. I know one subcontractor in Toronto that can design new board with our requirements.

3.4. We can continue search on market and ask manufacturers.