Calabrio ONE Demo

Calabrio ONE Demo Best Practices

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Calabrio ONE Demo by Mind Map: Calabrio ONE Demo

1. Enables you to ask There Key Questions (regardless of your role)

1.1. How am I doing?

1.2. What & where are the problems?

1.3. What do I need to do to fix them?

2. Big Picture

2.1. Cloud/On Premise - WEM Tool

2.2. Roles Based Application

2.2.1. Strategic - Director

2.2.2. Tactical - Manager

2.2.3. Individual - Leader/Agent

3. Business Intelligence

3.1. Why is Calabrio WEM important and what does it do?

3.2. Hows Does it work? Contact Centre BI that takes Data from ALL o f you Data sources/System

3.2.1. ACD

3.2.2. CRM

3.2.3. Chat & Email

3.2.4. Back Office

3.2.5. AQM & WFM

3.2.6. Analytics

3.2.7. Robotics & AI

3.2.8. Enterprise Reporting

3.3. What does it mean to you (Role)

3.3.1. Strategic - Director Single View of how the contact center is performing

3.3.2. Tactical - Manager Single view of how my team is performing How is the team performing compared to others

3.3.3. Individual - Leader/Agent How am I performing How am I performing compared to my peers

4. Smart, Intuative, Easy

4.1. Smart

4.2. Intuitive

4.3. Easy

5. Data Explorer

5.1. Why is it important

5.1.1. GIves me meaningful insight into my WFO Data What do I need to know What information do I need How do I want to see it

5.2. How Does it Work?

5.2.1. Powerful and Smart Data Orchestration layer Build Individual Customer Micro Reports

5.2.2. Provides an easy to use Data Visualization Layer Use the Reports to build Dashboards

5.3. What does it mean to you (Role)

5.3.1. Strategic - Director

5.3.2. Tactical - Manager

5.3.3. Individual - Leader/Agent

6. AQM

6.1. Why is it important

6.1.1. Capture, measure and assess all of your customer voice & Digital interactions in a single portal

6.1.2. Streams lines your QM process - reducing time and effort

6.1.3. Make it fair and mutal to both sides

6.2. What is AQM

6.2.1. True Omni channel Capture & store platform

6.2.2. Omni Channel evalaution & assessment

6.2.3. Agent Engagement Agent Messaging & Workflow

6.3. What does it mean to you (AQM)

6.3.1. AQM Analytist Contact Q QM Assessment Perform an evaluation Omni Channel Chat Playback & Evalaution Tag Call with 3rd party Data API Calibration Crandle to Grave Call Transfers PCI Intracall Analytics Key Words & phrases Catagories

7. CAS

7.1. Why is it important

7.1.1. Enables unlock hidden previously unseen meaning from your data Identify patterms and trends How has my FCR been over the past 6 mothhs? understand what drives behavior What is affecting my FCR? (Positive or Negative) Better Understand the impact of your actions Have the steps I've taken to address FCR been effective enough?

7.2. What does it mean to you (Role)

7.2.1. Strategic Data presented via CAR/DE

7.2.2. Tactical What are the current issues affecting my CX?

7.2.3. Individual Predictive Analytics

7.3. How does it work?

7.3.1. Set out key challenges or business drivers Custom Dashboards Customer fistration

7.3.2. build various data presnetation models Comparing FCR & Fustration phrases Including Omni Channel

7.3.3. Create catagoores relate to the Business challenges FCR Fustration phrases

7.3.4. Building Catagories using Phrases

7.3.5. Drilling down to an individual Call Level

8. WFM

8.1. Why is it important

8.1.1. Essential for getting the right agent, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time

8.2. What is WFM

8.2.1. Omni channel Analytics platform

8.2.2. Flexible and efficient Evaluation Portal

8.2.3. Various Different way to show the data

8.3. What does it mean to you (Role)

8.3.1. Intraday Management Coverage SLA Adjustments Optimization Omni Channel

8.3.2. Adherance Realtime Intraday view

8.3.3. Agent Engagement Leave/OT/Requests IVR Interface Mobile View

8.3.4. Schedule Production Show Builder Form

8.3.5. Forecast Production Show Biulder Form Data Manipulation feature

8.3.6. Distribtion Prodiuction