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Region 1 by Mind Map: Region 1

1. Lead Staff

1.1. Responsibilities:

1.2. Staff all students within 14 days; discuss with secondary admin regularly to proactively solve situations

1.3. If psychs are considered leads, hire one additional psych, discontinue Drexel contract, and have 3 psychs do 8 evals per week.

2. Remaining SC's who cannot fill student serving role below

2.1. Transition Meetings

2.2. Oversee Intake/referral issues

2.3. Ensure eval team person is assigned to review, finalize ER, open new IEP, etc.

2.4. SC for students who do not have an E professional staff (SC/LEA) available to them (provider agencies staff students only)

3. Professional E Staff not including OT/PT become SC/LEA

3.1. Responsibilities:

3.2. Serve 40 Students; these staff will not eval students except for re-evals on their own caseload

3.3. LEA all cases on caseload

3.4. Case manage all cases on caseload

4. Primary Admin

4.1. Responsibilities:

4.2. Supervise all staff within region rather than being project based

4.3. Attend all "rejected NOREP" meetings in region such as informal meetings, mediation, due process hearings, etc.

4.4. Adjust current contracts based on monitoring and feedback from secondary admin

5. Secondary Admin

5.1. Responsibilities:

5.2. Linked to monitor Provider Agencies within region for compliance and staffing

5.3. SVN and Referral accountability for all providers

5.4. Analyze staff schedules in region to maximize services for students regularly

5.5. Ensure that all services are delivered within 14 days

6. Parent Partner

7. Intake/Referral Staff (clerical)

7.1. Check referral line voicemail, set up evaluations, complete referral process

7.2. Complete creation of and distribution of transition to K packets when SC notifies