Portfolio Roadshow

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Portfolio Roadshow by Mind Map: Portfolio Roadshow

1. Objective

1.1. Provide input to community - Sales Decks and Battlecards for sales colleagues

1.1.1. Excellent sales presentations to win new customers or retain existing ones

1.2. Enable colleagues to sell portfolio offerings: "Pitchability" - enablement of sales community for 2 min portfolio topic pitch (min)

1.3. Establish collaborative community spirit

2. Target Group / Participants

2.1. VPs and Non VPs

2.2. Experts Invent & Apps

2.3. Local Sales Teams (to reduce travel)

2.4. Portfolio Owner

3. Mode

3.1. Scenario 1 - Information Focus

3.1.1. Video material "Elevator Pitch" to describe Growth Bet for using at buying center

3.1.2. Information and discussion on Groups selected portfolio offerings (7 Growth Bets)

3.2. Scenario 2 - Collaboration Focus

3.2.1. Half-Day workshop: 3 out of 5 sessions

3.2.2. Pitch Training Basics: Learn to develop Pitches for a portfolio topic Create a Pitch Deck step by step with a perfect story

4. Location

4.1. Pilot: Munich in March

4.2. More Locations plannend: Berlin and Frankfurt in April and May

5. Host and Speaker

5.1. Bernd Wöllner (CSO) Uwe Dumslaff (Apps) Volker Darius (Invent) Sandro Lindner (CIS)