IM Checklist Volume 13 Make Money Online Crisis Management

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IM Checklist Volume 13 Make Money Online Crisis Management by Mind Map: IM Checklist Volume 13 Make Money Online Crisis Management

1. Checklist 1: Make Money Online With Blogging

1.1. Interests in blogs and blogging have increased rapidly and dramatically in recent years. Money can be made with a variety of ways; however, making money with blogging is lucrative. Once you learn ways to blog, you can make a living from it and express your ideas to the world. Blogging can be useful if you want to supplement your income with more extra money or if you want to support a lifestyle for yourself; if you are ready to put in the effort, blogging can benefit you greatly. So, if you're going to become a blogger, do not be discouraged, make sure to tick in all these boxes given in the checklist below:

1.1.1. Setting Up Your Blog 1 Find yourself a blogging platform. We recommend using WordPress on a paid hosting account. 2 If you are on a low budget you can use but longterm this is not recommended and your options are limited. 3 Use the platform to design, customize and develop your blog to give it the layout and feel that suits your niche. Keep things basic works perfect.

1.1.2. Creating Useful Content 1 You cannot become a blogger unless you create good content for your readers. 2 Define your goals and aims. These are the targets you want to achieve with the power of your writing. 3 Carry out some target market research- find a niche. A target audience can help you know exactly what you want to write about. 4 Ask yourself: 1) Where does your audience hang out online? 2) What sort of content is enjoyed the most? 5 Create a content calendar. You can do this at Airtable. Sign in with your email address and create a free account. 6 A content calendar can help you keep your content on top-notch and to publish it on time.

1.1.3. Earning Revenue With Blogging 1 Make money by placing ads on your blogging site. 2 Use CPC or PPC ads- these generate money with every click the readers give. 3 Use CPM ads- these generate a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad. 4 You can include affiliate links in your content. First, find yourself an advertiser who has a product to sell. 5 Decide on a fixed commission that you’d get from each sale that results in due to your site. 6 The advertiser will give you an affiliate link, which will track purchases done through the link on your site. 7 You can include affiliate links in your content either directly or through banner ads. 8 A reader clicking on your link will earn you a percentage of what she purchased. 9 Writing EBooks, creating workshops, music videos etc. can help you earn on your blog as well.

2. Checklist 2: Make Money Online With Selling Books

2.1. What if you could make money through things that you love, things you have a passion for, topics that you know a lot about and have command on? Well, this can be done. Do it by selling eBooks. Combine your skills and expressions to earn some extra bucks each month. The checklist below will show you how it's done:

2.1.1. What Needs To Be Looked Into First 1 Find a source of eBooks. 2 Find a source of products. 3 Do this in three possible ways: If you have a way with words and have good expressions in writing, you could write, publish and sell your titles. If you have no interest in writing but have a specific type of book in mind, you could hire a writer. If you want to start immediately, purchase the rights to resell eBooks that are already written.

2.1.2. What Comes Next 1 If you want to start by selling your titles, start by creating your eBook. 2 Decide your topic- it should resonate with people. 3 Start with what works between your target niche and people. 4 Come up with a catchy title for your piece of writing. 5 Do the formatting and editing. 6 Proofread your work. 7 If you are using a word processor like Word or Google Docs, still make sure to do a manual check. 8 Use Chrome Plugins like Grammarly to do the job. 9 Download and install Grammarly. 10 Open Grammarly by clicking on the “Open Grammarly” button in the home tab on Word. 11 Choose the specific writing issues you expect it to check. 12 Design an attractive cover for the eBook. 13 Convert the book into a digital version. 14 Set your eBook up for sale. 15 Amazon- How to sell on it: 16 Open up a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account. 17 Visit the link, and sign up. 18 Add your eBook to the Bookshelf. Go to the top left corner of your account, click on add new title. Enter all the details of your book. 19 Upload the cover of eBook. Save your image in the JPEG format or TIFF format. 20 Upload your eBook and confirm your price and royalty options. 21 Sell the eBook via your website or blog. 22 Attach a PayPal link on your website. 23 You can sell via another platform. Payhip, Clickbank and Amazon are some beginner platforms. 24 Market and promote your book via social media shout-outs, partner with other bloggers etc.

3. Checklist 3: Make Money Online With Creating Videos

3.1. With the rapid increase and growth of the Internet, watching videos online has become much more common. People visit video sharing sites to watch videos of their favourite shows etc. to stay connected to what's happening around. A dramatic shift has occurred within the digital world. Online video making offers vast moneymaking opportunities. Your love of producing videos can now help you earn money. Just make sure to check in the boxes of the checklist below:

3.1.1. 1 Find your video topic niche- Find out what is it that you want to sell.

3.1.2. 2 Explore your strengths and what you can actively share with the world

3.1.3. 3 Ask yourself a few questions such as: Are you a fitness trainer? Are you a motivational speaker? Are you a programmer or a graphic designer?

3.1.4. 4 Test the waters, make free video through your blog or your YouTube channel.

3.1.5. 5 Do thorough research on sites like YouTube, and Udemyetc. to see if your content is in demand.

3.1.6. 6 Plan your content effectively. Decide upon your target audience, what will differentiate your content from your competition.

3.1.7. 7 Decide on the outcome your subscriber is expected to get from watching your video.

3.1.8. 8 Create your video. If you can do it yourself, do it all on your own or hire a video production team to do the job.

3.1.9. 9 If your content is about teaching and learning, use dynamic education strategies such as videos, PDFs, podcasts, ebooks etc.

3.1.10. 10 Once your video is ready, you can upload it on famous platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. You will need to make an account and open up a free channel.

3.1.11. YouTube- To make a YouTube Channel: 1 Sign-in to your account on YouTube. Sign-up if you do not have a Google account. 2 On the top right, click on the icon, "My Channel." Give your channel a name and click on, "Create Channel." 3 Customize and verify your channel. To upload, sign in to your channel. 4 At the top of the page, click Upload. Choose the privacy settings and upload the video. Enable your channel for monetization. 5 Connect your channel to an AdSense account and earn money for your monetized videos. 6 Earn from ads placed in your videos. Become a part of the YouTube Partner Program and get ads placed aside your videos. 7 Apply for the partnership through the page. 8 Gain access to most powerful partner programs; obtain 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over 90 days. 9 Next, upload your video and share the revenue with YouTube. Other similar programs include BrightCove, Maker Studios etc. 10 Create commissioned videos. Respond to requests for specific types of videos. 11 Platforms like New York Times and Demand Media can help you create commissioned videos. 12 Earn money by selling your videos to download to own. 13 Sell your videos online using platforms like DepositPhotos. 14 Become a contributor to various sites on a regular basis and enjoy earning!

4. Checklist 4: Make Money Online With Selling Photos

4.1. Are you a person who is naturally gifted at taking photographs? Do you like to spend your time snapping photos of places, people and moments? If yes, then you can start thinking on the lines of making money by selling your photos online. Photography is big business these days. People are always looking out for pieces of art for their homes, images for websites and videos. Being a freelance photographer, you can utilize many options that can help you sell your photos and earn some passive income. You need to make sure to check in all the boxes given in the checklist below:

4.1.1. Starting with the basics 1 Get yourself the right equipment. The quality of photos needed for marketable images won't come from your smartphone's camera. A DSLR camera will be a worthy investment. 2 Next, buy a tripod as this is a must-have. On Amazon you can find affordable tripods to give stability to your camera for good photos. 3 Create a reliable backup for the work that you do. Services like Carbonite, Google Drive & Dropbox can help you store your work.

4.1.2. Choosing a stock photo site 1 Find yourself a good and suitable stock photo site. This site will act as your platform for selling your photos all around the world and will license them. 2 Look for a stock photo site as this will save you from the hassle of having a photo-shoot stage and an expensive photographer. 3 Some of the famous photo sites include Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Getty Images and Corbis etc. 4 To start with a photo site like Shutterstock, make a free account online. 5 Provide your details asked, email address and password. 6 You will receive an email, verify and confirm your account from there. 7 Enter your address and get ready to upload your work! 8 Surf through the Internet and look at the pay rates for different sites. 9 Look through the commission rates for each site carefully as they vary for every site. 10 Keep yourself updated with the site’s requirements, criteria and themes. This will help you avoid the rejection of your images. 11 For example, some sites like Dreamstime requires a minimum of 3 megapixels for download size. 12 Next, register for an account in the site you have chosen. 13 The account making is usually free. Read the site’s instructions carefully and thoroughly. 14 Read through information related to payment and copyrights carefully. 15 Then, complete the payment portion of your account. Provide an email address, associated with your Paypal account. 16 If you do not have a Paypal account, then set one up.

4.1.3. Defining your niche and building your audience 1 Search for a good niche and define it. Find a style for you that is consistent and will run throughout your work- consistency is critical. 2 Next, search on which styles and photos resonate with your audience. 3 Evaluate the demand for specific topics using keyword research. 4 You can use Keywords Everywhere to find topics which are in demand and popular. Click on the "Install" button, and you are ready to use it. 5 Link your various accounts together. Increase the visibility of your photographs to people. 6 Instagram users can go to options > Settings > Linked Accounts to connect Tumblr, Facebook, and more to publish in more than one place with a single post. 7 Create integration between apps that do not integrate. Do this by using free tools like IFTTT. Instagram and Dropbox can be integrated this way.

4.1.4. Choosing your photos 1 Work on developing a portfolio which is diverse and can showcase your photos. 2 Having 4-5 main subjects in your photos will attract only one kind of customer, so aim for a diverse portfolio. 3 Choose images that are generic as these will appeal to the audience more. 4 Go through your portfolio and pick generic images such as of flowers and landscapes. Images that have a vintage look also often work well. 5 Most of the stock sites have resolution rules, size and formatting rules; so, make sure your images adhere to those rules. 6 Choose only those images that have crisp detail and balanced colour. 7 Make sure you operate legally - avoid usage of images that have recognizable brands in them. 8 Do not use images with people and property in them. 9 Take all your photographs yourself so that you get automatic copyright.

4.1.5. Posting your photos to the stock sites 1 Firstly, make sure your selected images follow all the requirements and rules of the site. 2 To increase sales, match your photos to the specific categories your site might provide you with. 3 For your images to appear in the site searches, tag your photos with relevant tags. 4 Pick multiple numbers of tags for each picture, e.g. a picture of a beach can have tags like, “fun,” “sunny day,” “sand,” and “surfing.” 5 Use a mixture of specific and generic tags for your photos. 6 If for example you have chosen Dreamstime for posting your photos, login to your account or register for free. 7 Enter your name and password. Go to the management area, which, is under the categories bar. 8 In the contributor’s area there will be 16 buttons, click on the “Upload images” button. Left click on the add images button. 9 Select files to upload. Enter your password again and press "Ok." Wait for the upload to complete and then go back to the management area. 10 Click on unfinished files and edit your photos; add description, name, categories and keywords for your photos. Finally, submit your photos. 11 Other stock photo sites include Fotolia, Alamy, iStockphoto and Bigstock.

4.1.6. Other platforms for selling your photographs 1 You can use your smartphone apps to sell self-captured photos. 2 Download apps such as Clashot, EyeEm, Scopshot etc. to showcase your photographs. 3 Import photos on the app. Tag your photos on the apps such as on EyeEm. Then choose your friends. 4 Use in-built filters on the app to edit your captured photos. Keep an eye on your market dashboard and sell pictures effectively. 5 You can sell your photos on tangible items; such as cups, Tshirts, coffee mugs etc. Use websites like Cafepress and Shutterfly to help you. 6 On sites like Cafepress- first, add your email address. Create images and upload designs.

5. Checklist 5: Make Money Online With Tutoring Online

5.1. In the last couple of years, the trend of tutoring online has increased on a significant scale. People get to share their knowledge and teach people a little from what they know. This not only brings money but also a sense of achievement along. You could start too by following the checklist given below:

5.1.1. The Basic Requirements 1 Firstly, make sure you have a reliable computer, which has essential functions. 2 Ensure a fast and steady Internet connection. 3 Buy a good quality headset with a microphone. 4 Get good quality Webcam and Skype or Zoom software installed on your computer.

5.1.2. What Comes Next 1 Create a Skype or Zoom account: 2 Follow directions stated; provide personal details required such as your name, birth date and gender. 3 Review the terms and conditions agreement once and accept it. 4 From here decide where you will teach. Choose a place away from all disturbances. 5 Choose your subject, such as which what you are going to teach.. 6 Work out your pricing and cancellation policy. 7 Visit sites that offer online tutoring jobs at good pay-rates. 8 Look at sites like Chegg, Class of 1, Kaplan, etc. 9 10 To sign up for Chegg, visit the site at 11 Click on the Sign-Up button. 12 Provide your name, Email address and password. 13 You can also sign up with Facebook. 14 Provide your necessary information; choose your subjects of interest. 15 Tell the site a bit about yourself, verify your identity and qualifications and complete the procedure. 16 17 Visit the site at 18 Click on Apply Now. Provide email address and password. Click on Create Account. 19 Click on continue to the application form and complete the form. 20 Earn money ranging from $10 to $40 per hour on average on different online platforms.

6. Checklist 6: Make Money Online With Freelancing

6.1. Freelancing has increasingly become the choice of people to escape the 9-5 working hour routine. It has become popular within the present generation. Subsequently, it has increased the trend of online job opportunities and literacy rate as well. The freelance revolution is large and growing; if you want to become a part of it, make sure to tick in the checklist below:

6.1.1. The Basics 1 Firstly, analyze yourself and explore the skills and talent you have. 2 Ask yourself various questions, which can help you decide what to do in freelancing itself. What skills do you have? What do your friends say you are great at? 3 Choose your niche, understand the type of services you can and want to offer. 4 Become specific and sure about the services you offer. 5 Define what your ideal client looks like.

6.1.2. Getting Started 1 Find yourself a fantastic site that can connect you to the freelancing world. Sites include: FreeLancer Upwork Guru iFreelance ProBlogger People Per Hour 2 Regardless of which site you choose, work on updating your profile- this includes your portfolio, introducing your personality and skills. 3 Research suitable projects that you can confidently work on.

6.1.3. Getting Work On Freelancer 1 Visit 2 Go through the two available options to sign up with them. 3 Find the "sign up" button and click on the "I want to work button." 4 Provide your account details such as email address, username and password or you can also sign up by using your Facebook account. 5 Verify your account through your email. 6 Work on updating your profile- this includes your portfolio, introducing your personality and skills. 7 Do this by clicking on the “Update your profile” button present in the email sent to you. 8 Find excellent and suitable projects for yourself. 9 Hover your mouse over the working link and click on browse projects. 10 Select your project of interest and click on “Bid now” icon.

7. Checklist 7: Make Money Online With Etsy

7.1. Etsy is an online marketplace made to showcase items that are especially "unique." These items could be anything ranging from greeting cards and candles to clothes and jewellery. If you are a crafty or a dab hand at design or have any other unique skill, become a part of the Etsy contributors. Just make sure to follow the checklist given below:

7.1.1. Starting From The Basics 1 Find something to sell that is unique and creative. 2 Take a look at the site and other platforms to get an idea about what other people are doing. 3 Make sure you only get ideas and not copy. 4 Make sure your idea can be profitable. 5 Research the competition. 6 Figure out the cost to make each item. 7 Think of a simple name for your Etsy shop. 8 Make sure to Google your name to see it doesn’t clash with anything else. 9 Visit the Etsy page and register for a shop. 10 Go on to this link, and provide your email address. 11 Fill out the form regarding shop preferences, the name of your shop etc. 12 Set up your billing method.

7.1.2. Proceeding Further 1 Start by making yourself a custom logo through Canva- an online Photoshop program. 2 If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, get yourself, someone, to do the job for you on sites like Fiverr. 3 Buy a custom domain name to match the name of your Etsy shop. 4 Once your shop is online, look into Etsy’s seller handbook. 5 Follow the prompts on the site of Etsy to select your shop language, country and currency. 6 To enroll in Etsy’s payments click on Shop manager on the site. 7 Click "Finances." Click Payment settings. 8 Enter your bank account information here. Add your credit/debit card details. 9 Choose the schedule of your payments from Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, or monthly deposits. 10 Put clear and attractive images of your products. 11 Charge enough to cover your costs and profit. 12 Enter your bank account information while registering for your account. Add your credit/debit card details. 13 Research the most effective ways of posting out and packing your creations. 14 Be aware of the kinds of fee Etsy charges you with.

8. Checklist 8: Make Money Online With Craiglist

8.1. Ever since the existence of Craigslist since 1995, it has been an amazing resource for all sorts of needs ranging from selling goods to finding a job. If you are wondering about making money online with Craigslist, make sure to tick in the boxes below in the checklist given:

8.1.1. Getting Started 1 First, if you do not have an account on Craigslist, register for one.Go to your local Craigslist site, (e.g. 2 Next, click on the link on the top left of the site saying, "post to classifieds." 3 Choose the option saying, “Create an account” by providing required information such as email address. 4 Next, create your first listing by adding in the type of post you want to create such as for sale by owner. 5 Then, choose from the category of goods, the type of item you are posting, e.g. appliances, bicycles, furniture, jewellery etc. 6 Go back to the “for Sale” category and put your item in the appropriate sub-category. 7 Narrow down your location and choose your borough. 8 Post a title for your item, choose a suitable price. Then indicate the postal code of your listing. 9 Make your first listing live and edit.

8.1.2. Ways Of Making Money 1 Opt for selling on Craigslist. This will generate you money. 2 Turn unwanted items in your house into money. 3 Choose a title that is catchy, informative and productive. 4 Research Craigslist. Compare prices and choose for your item. 5 Resell items on Craigslist by buying items already present there and sell them again for a higher price. 6 Make sure you pay a lower price for the items you buy. 7 Improve the item's title, take more appealing pictures and provide excellent customer service. 8 Deliver stuff to make money on Craigslist if you do not want to sell or resell. 9 Price your deliveries for your profit.

9. Checklist 9: Make Money Online With Surveys

9.1. People make money with online surveys and tend to pull a couple of hundred bucks extra each month. This is the new trend and is increasing as every day passes by. If you are thinking on the lines of making money with surveys, then make sure to follow the given checklist below:

9.1.1. How To Get Started 1 Set up a separate dedicated email account for paid survey invitations. 2 Create a PayPal account. 3 Visit the PayPal site or download the app. 4 Click on the sign up for free or sign up icon. 5 Enter your email address and set a suitable and strong password. 6 Provide your details. 7 Enter your debit card details and your bank account details. 8 Click on create account button.

9.1.2. What Comes Next 1 Sign up with different online paid survey companies. 2 Take time to sign up with a maximum number of survey companies. 3 Check the privacy policy of all these sites. 4 Be honest with your personal information that you provide. 5 Sign up with platforms like Toluna to start working on the job. 6 Get yourself registered with the site. Visit the website and click on the get started icon. 7 You can also get yourself registered by clicking on the blue “Sign Up” button in the top right corner. Earn 500 bonus points upon sign up. 8 Lead yourself on the journey of providing your details such as name and email address. 9 Next, verify your email address to continue to the dashboard. 10 Complete your profiles by providing more of your details. 11 Other Survey platforms include a. PineconeResearch b. GlobalTestMarket c. OpinionOutpost

10. Checklist 10: Make Money Online With VoiceOvers

10.1. Have you ever been told that you have a great, bright and beautiful voice? Have you ever been notified that you should be on the radio? You may be a born voice actor. It is high time that you use your talent and skill to generate some amounts of money. Follow the steps given in the checklist below to start your journey:

10.1.1. Analyze yourself 1 Start by analyzing yourself and your abilities. Ask yourself a number of questions and answer them. 2 Ask yourself if you have what it takes to become a voice-over artist? 3 Ponder over if you can imitate the different voices around you? 4 Choose the gig you want to work on. 5 Carry out research and analyze your interests. See if you want to do voice-overs for cartoons or movies or children's audiobooks.

10.1.2. Getting Setup 1 Buy or get the proper equipment. Take your work seriously. 2 Do not get the most expensive items, grab the basics and then upgrade later. 3 Install a voice recording or music editing software on your computer. 4 Get yourself a good microphone, Mic stand and pop filters. 5 Next, soundproof your room.

10.1.3. Selling Your Voiceovers 1 Create an account on Freelancer and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs. 2 Create an account on Upwork and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs. 3 Create an account on Fiverr and complete your profile adding example voice-overs. 4 Create an account on Voices and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs. 5 Create an account on VoiceBunny and complete your profile adding example voice-overs and bidding for suitable jobs.

11. Checklist 11: Make Money Online With Toluna

11.1. Toluna is an online community, which allows your voice to be heard. When people search for the best online survey platforms, they come across Toluna. Being one of the most famous paid-survey and marketing research companies;Toluna has over 800 global employees. If you are thinking on the lines of carrying out surveys on Toluna and getting paid for them; make sure to follow the checklist given below:

11.1.1. Signing Up 1 Get yourself registered with the site. Visit the website and click on the get started icon. 2 You can also get yourself registered by clicking on the blue “Sign Up” button in the top right corner. Earn 500 bonus points upon sign up. 3 Lead yourself on the journey of providing your details such as name and email address. 4 Next, verify your email address to continue to the dashboard. 5 Complete your profiles by providing more of your details. This increases chances for qualifying for a survey and gaining more points.

11.1.2. How Does It Work 1 For every survey you complete, you will be rewarded with points. 2 Use these points to redeem cash or other useful rewards. 3 Use PayPal to get your rewarded cash. 4 If you do not have an account on PayPal, make sure to register for one. 5 Visit the PayPal site and register using the sign-up icon. Enter email address and a password. 6 Fill out your personal information and provide your credit and debit card numbers. Also, give your account information.

11.1.3. Gaining Points 1 Exchange your points for quarterly sweepstake, which have substantial money prizes. 2 Fill out surveys on Toluna on a variety of topics such as Sport and Beauty, Automotive, Internet, Health and Witness etc. 3 Being a user, review your rewards under the “Your Account” option. 4 To see this option, hover your mouse over the profile picture icon (next to the magnifying glass.) 5 You can cash out money via PayPal in $20 increments. 6 Usually on a consensus, 3000 points equal to $1. 7 Redeem your points once you 30000 points. Most surveys offer 4000-6000 points.

12. Checklist 12: Make Money Online With Swagbucks

12.1. Swagbucks pretty much defines the phrase, "easy money." It is tough to weed through all the online noise to find actual sites that pay you with money; Swagbucks is one such platform where you can earn from watching videos to carrying out surveys. If you want to join in on the moneymaking from here, be sure to tick in the checklist below:

12.1.1. Getting Started 1 Create an account at Swagbucks to start your earning journey. 2 Open this link 3 Look for a sign-up button in the top right corner of the page. Click on it. 4 Sign up using your Facebook account or enter your email address. 5 Choose a suitable password and click, "Join." 6 Here you will receive a 30 SB sign-up bonus. 7 Locate the email in your mail and verify your Swagbucks account by clicking on the “Start earning more” box. 8 Finally, choose a security question, answer it, and you have created your account. 9 To log in to your account visit, and log-in using your password. You can also download the app from App store for free.

12.1.2. Making Money With Swagbucks 1 Earn a $5 bonus in the first 60 days of your membership. 2 Once you achieve this, your bonus will be rewarded after one day of your qualification. 3 Earn by switching your default search engine to Swagbucks rather than Google or Bing. 4 For this, go to your browser’s address bar. 5 Right-click and choose edit search engines. 6 Under the other search engines, scroll down to spot Swagbucks and hover over it. 7 Click on the make default icon on the right of the row. 8 Then click done. 9 Earn 10-20 SB points for every 10-20 searches. After six months of everyday searching, this can equal to £300. 10 Watch videos at home and earn money. Get 3SB per 30-minute video. 11 Fill out short surveys and earn around 40-100 SB. 12 Earn bonuses by completing daily goals and tasks.

13. Checklist 13: Make Money Online With InboxPounds

13.1. Founded in the year 2012, InboxPounds is an online site and platform that pays people in reward for getting done with a plethora of online tasks. It has the slogan, which says, “The online reward club that pays.” Offering great opportunities to people for earning money; InboxPounds can be your start to something great. Follow the checklist given below to understand the whole procedure:

13.1.1. Becoming a Member 1 Create a membership account. Do this just by visiting the site at 2 Review the terms and conditions carefully. 3 Complete the primary sign up form; provide necessary information through profile surveys. 4 Click on the icon saying, "Join now." 5 Accept the £1 on your sign up and account completion.

13.1.2. How to Make Money on InboxPounds 1 Get paid for taking surveys on the InboxPounds. Expect to make £1 an hour. 2 Give your personal information such as where you shop, how many credit cards you own etc. 3 Operate a separate email account to make money with InboxPounds. 4 Make money through more than just surveys. Make money by playing games. 5 Go to the site’s Game Menu bar and log in to your InboxPounds cash account. 6 From the games page, click on the WorldWinner games and then click on, “Join the fun” icon. 7 Deposit real money into your InboxPounds Cash Games Account. 8 For each pound, you spend from your WorldWinner account balance, earn cash between 1-4%. 9 Earn money by referring the site to your friends and family. Earn 10% commission on their earnings. 10 Earn money through searching. 11 Type in random words or phrases in the site’s search bar.

14. Checklist 14: Make Money Online With Fiverr

14.1. Due to Fiverr’s popularity and abilities, it is increasingly hard to find people who haven’t heard of it. There is no surprise to why more and more businesses, online and offline are making use of the services offered by Fiverr. Do not get discouraged from being a part of the community; follow the checklist below:

14.1.1. Setting It Up From The Basics 1 Start by creating an account by going on to the main page. 2 From the Fiverr homepage, click, "Become a Seller." 3 Read the page that explains the benefits of becoming a part of Fiverr. 4 Enter your email address and click, “continue." 5 You can join with your Facebook or Google account. 6 Choose your username and remember: 7 The username cannot be changed once you've activated your account. 8 Choose wisely as this will be your display name as well. 9 Can be up to 15 characters max. Do not use special characters. 10 Choose a strong password that you aren't likely to forget and click "Join." 11 Open the email sent to you on your email address by Fiverr. 12 Click on the link given in the email to activate your account. 13 Fill in the sections of Personal details, linked accounts and account security.

14.1.2. How To Make Money On Fiverr 1 Spend some time looking at what other people are having success with. 2 Find out about the strong trends. 3 Do your research well. 4 Work on a custom job where the client sends you a specification, and you fulfil them. 5 Produce fresh materials of any type based on those specifications. 6 Offer social media services to people. 7 Make gigs and videos on various favourite topics. 8 Make videos using software like Video Maker FX or Camtasia. 9 Get a base rate of $25 per hour just by writing quickly and making sure your buyers come back. 10 Design business cards, flyers, brochures for companies. 11 Create digital drawings with automated-based drawing tools.

15. Checklist 15: Make Money Online As An Affiliate

15.1. Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone's company, business or other work on your site; and you earn a commission of each sale they make. Want to become an affiliate and make money online? Follow the instructions and steps given in the checklist below:

15.1.1. The Basics 1 Choose your niche following something you are passionate about which will make it more enjoyable. 2 The top niches with most available products are Make Money Online, Investments, Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Self Improvement.

15.1.2. Content 1 Decide on the type of content you would like to create and how often you will create content. 2 Upload videos to Youtube and other video sites 3 Create blog posts relating to your topic of interest.

15.1.3. Earning With Affiliate Marketing 1 You can monetize your website, social media profile and videos in various ways. 2 Create your own E-commerce Store and sell digital products. 3 Find Make Money Online Products on JvZoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank 4 Find Affiliate Products in Other Niches on Clickbank and CJ Affiliate. Place Google Adsense adverts on your site

15.1.4. Getting Traffic To Your Links 1 Share your links on Social Media 2 Run a Google Adwords Campaign to your site 3 Run a Facebook Ads Campaign to your site 5 Ask friends and followers to share your site. 6 Run online giveaways and contents.

16. Checklist 16: Make Money Online With Selling Old Items

16.1. A few years back, people used to make yard sales where they'd get rid of their old items such as furniture, electronics etc. in return for a good amount of money. However, with the advent of the Internet and online systems for everything; yard sales have been pushed back by online platforms where people buy and sell. If you want to sell your old items online, follow the checklist below:

16.1.1. Getting Started 1 Go through your items at the house and take your time to find out stuff worthy of selling. 2 Start with one end of the house and divide the task. 3 Find the main place in your home to collect all the items you think are worth selling. 4 Put the items under specific categories such as toys, jewellery, furniture etc. 5 Search online to find how much money you will get for your items. 6 Give detailed headlines to the items.

16.1.2. What Comes Next 1 Use social media to put advertisements for your products. 2 Focus on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 3 Add on these social media platforms and promote your items. 4 Make use of major seller marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Wallmart and Etsy. 5 Keep an eye on auction sale sites such as eBay. 6 If you want to use eBay as your platform and medium, start by making an account. 7 Decide on a good account name, eBay can help you choose too. 8 Must have two characters 9 Cannot contain symbols 10 Go to eBay’s main page. Look for the sign in link on the page. 11 Provide your personal information. Enter your email address. 12 Set up your payment method. 13 Set up your PayPal account by visiting 14 Log in through your username and password and click on the “sell” icon. 15 Enter a title for your listing. Take good pictures of your items and post. 16 Other platforms that you can use include Craigslist and Amazon.

17. Checklist 17: Make Money Online With User Testing

17.1. Today’s world is a world of online job opportunities, which cover all aspects. There are some sites, which do offer healthy side income to people. One such job opportunity present online is with User testing. If you want to become a part of making money with User Testing, make sure to check the boxes in the following checklist:

17.1.1. The Basics 1 Sign up for User Testing from your computer (Mac or PC), tablet (Android or iPhone), cell phone (Android or iOS). 2 Visit the homepage of the User Testing site. 3 Register by finding the “Get paid to test” button on the site. 4 Provide your email address as the first step. 5 Accept the terms and agreement policy. 6 Find a tutorial video at the bottom of their website. 7 Verify your registration by opening up your email.

17.1.2. Getting Right into It 1 Download the User Testing screen recorder. 2 Complete their sample video test in order actually to join their site. 3 Solve the three-question quiz after watching the video (multiple-choice). 4 You will be given a website to test so that the User Testing team can check your skills. 5 Earn $10.00 for each test. 6 A live test can earn you $30.00. 7 Connect your PayPal account. 8 Get paid on a weekly basis.

18. Checklist 18: Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk

18.1. The Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace, which allows individuals and companies to outsource their jobs or tasks to a workforce of people who can perform these tasks virtually. This could range from being simple researches to conducting surveys. If you wish to earn a few hundred dollars extra every month, then follow these instructions given in the checklist below:

18.1.1. Setting Up An Account 1 Sign for an Amazon Account if you do not have one already. 2 Visit the homepage of the site and click on Your Amazon Account and create a new account. 3 Provide your name, email address and password to proceed further.

18.1.2. The MTurk Page 1 Once you have created an account, go to Google. 2 Type in the search bar, “ Amazon MTurk." This will lead you to the Mechanical Turk homepage straightly. 3 If you do not have cookies stored in your browser, you might be asked to sign in again. So log in to your account. 4 Fill in the requirements for opening up your Amazon Payment account. 5 Use real information and follow instructions. This will prevent payment problems later on. 6 Remember to sign in as, "Worker" and not "Requester." You will find the worker link on the top right side of the MTurk homepage. 7 Put in your social security number.

18.1.3. Getting Hits 1 Get a job without having to commit to one employer. 2 You can earn money ranging from $0.01 to $30, depending on the client’s needs. 3 Build in more skills to find higher paying tasks. 4 To apply for these hits, click on the button at the top of the hit cluster. 5 Seek authorization from the requester. 6 You have the choice of accepting or rejecting a hit. 7 You cannot leave in between and hope to resume later.

18.1.4. Maximizing Hits 1 Try to be available. Best Hits usually come at around business hours and on weekdays. 2 Make use of a browser extension. Turkopticon is an example of one such platform, which will help you prevent the rejection of your work. 3 Get out of your comfort zone. 4 People on average report earning $6-10 per hour.