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Help Center by Mind Map: Help Center

1. Profile & account

1.1. Profile

1.1.1. What is my Dashboard?

1.1.2. How to choose or modify my Preferences and my Profile?

1.1.3. How do I complete my profile?

1.1.4. How can I add or edit my profle photo?

1.2. Account

1.2.1. How to keep my activity private?

1.2.2. How can I download my your personal data?

1.2.3. How do I unsubscribe from mxm emails?

1.2.4. How do I manage my notifications?

1.2.5. Why my IP is blocked?

1.2.6. Is my email address publicly visible to others user on Musixmatch?

1.2.7. Could I reactivate my account?

1.2.8. How can I delete my account?

1.3. Sign up & Sign in

1.3.1. Signing up How do I sign up? Why do I have multiple accounts? What do you do with my email? What should I do if I can't verify my email?

1.3.2. Logging in How do I log in? What should I do if I forget my password? How can I change my password? Why can’t I log in? Why can’t I log in after changing my password?

2. Community

2.1. Lyrics Curators

2.1.1. Who are the Lyrics Curators?

2.1.2. How do I become a Lyrics Curator?

2.1.3. I am a new Lyrics Curator on Musixmatch: what should I do?

2.1.4. I am a Lyrics Curator on Musixmatch: what are my advantages?

2.1.5. I'm a Lyrics Curator. How do I contact another curator?

2.1.6. I'm a Lyrics Curator. How do I contact the Musixmatch Team?

2.1.7. Slack: what is it and how it works?

2.2. Community

2.2.1. How the Community works?

2.2.2. What are the badges?

2.2.3. How does Musixmatch calculate the points?

2.2.4. How can I improve my rank?

2.2.5. I'm a User. How do I contact a Lyrics Curator?

2.2.6. I'm a User. How do I contact the Musixmatch Team?

3. Contribution

3.1. Writing Guidelines

3.1.1. English

3.1.2. Japanese

3.1.3. Spanish

3.1.4. Portuguese

3.1.5. Brazilian

3.1.6. Korean

3.1.7. Indian languages

3.1.8. German

3.2. Missions

3.2.1. What is a Mission?

3.2.2. What are the Mission rules?

3.2.3. How can I get the reward?

3.2.4. I have a doubt about lyrics. What should I do?

3.2.5. I completed the Mission. When will I receive my reward?

3.2.6. How can I report a problem?

3.2.7. Could I add/edit and synchronize the lyrics of my mission through the mobile apps (Android/iOS) ?

3.2.8. I completed a task, but I made a mistake. Could I edit the lyrics?

3.3. Contribution: 5 steps to reach the best quality

3.3.1. 1. To add: How do I insert a lyrics?

3.3.2. 2. To review: How do I vote a lyrics?

3.3.3. 3. To sync: How do I synchronize a lyrics?

3.3.4. 4. To proofread: How do I assure the best quality?

3.3.5. 5 To translate: How do I add a translation?

3.4. Catalog

3.4.1. Why the lyrics is locked?

3.4.2. Could you unlock lyrics?

3.4.3. I found a mistake. How can I report lyrics?

3.4.4. Why are you not authorized to show some lyrics?

3.4.5. Musixmatch is missing a song, could I add it?

3.4.6. An artist page is without the picture, could I add it?

3.4.7. An album is missing the cover. Could I add it?

3.4.8. I'm an artist. How can I control my lyrics?

4. Premium

4.1. What are the advantages?

4.2. How can I get a refund?

4.3. How do I cancel my subscription?

4.4. Can I purchase Musixmatch Premium with Google Play Balance?

4.5. I'm getting ads while I have the Premium Plan. Why?

4.6. How do I display lyrics offline?

4.7. I'm unable to upgrade my Premium plan. Could you help me?

4.8. My Premium acount does not working. What can I do?

5. Apps & Website

5.1. General features

5.1.1. How can I display lyrics offline?

5.1.2. How do I download the app?

5.1.3. How can I listen the music?

5.1.4. How can I identify a lyrics that I'm listening?

5.1.5. How can I create and share a LyricsCard?

5.1.6. How can I find a song?

5.1.7. How can I display the lyrics translation?

5.1.8. How do I connect Spotify?

5.1.9. Ho do I connect Apple Music?

5.1.10. Beta Program: how can I partecipate?

5.1.11. Chromecast: how do I play my local tracks?

5.2. Android only

5.2.1. FloatingLyrics: what is it? how it works?

5.2.2. FloatingLyrics: how can I use it with Youtube?

5.2.3. How do I turn off the FloatingLyrics?

5.2.4. How do I enable the FloatingLyrics?

5.2.5. FloatingLyrics: which apps are supported by Musixmatch?

5.3. iOS only

5.3.1. Ho do I install the Musixmatch widget in the Notification Center?

5.3.2. How to display Apple Music songs and tracks stored locally?

5.4. Apps translation

5.4.1. Getting started

5.4.2. App Strings Translation Guidelines

5.4.3. Currently Supported Languages

6. Musixmatch Academy

7. Troubleshooting

7.1. The FloatingLyrics is not showing synced lyrics

7.2. Troubleshooting guide for the FloatingLyrics widget

7.3. Desktop app troubleshooting