Ivan Surjanovic: Creating WOW! Through Inspiration

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Ivan Surjanovic: Creating WOW! Through Inspiration by Mind Map: Ivan Surjanovic:  Creating WOW! Through Inspiration


2. WOW

2.1. viral marketing

2.1.1. special case of "word of mouth"

3. first: we live in the age of word-of-mouth

3.1. social media

3.2. social capitalism

3.3. the secret to marketing success is no scret at all: Word of mouth is all that matters" - Seth Godin

3.4. one number to grow for future sales growth

3.4.1. customer satisfaction

3.4.2. customer loyalty

3.4.3. brand image/awareness

3.4.4. the percentage of customers who are extremely likely to recommend the company to a friend or colleague" -- Frederick Reichheld, Harvard Business Review

4. 4 years research summarized in about 17 minutes

5. putting WOW into our lives and giving it to others, it comes back

5.1. put a positive WOW attitude in your life

6. the evolution of marketing

6.1. prduction orientation (1950s)

6.2. sales orientation (1950's-1960's)

6.3. market orientation

7. emotional bond

7.1. shoppers emotionally connected to super market spent 46% more

7.2. WOW orientation

7.2.1. "surprise and delight them"

7.2.2. different people react differently

7.2.3. What is WOW? expect a certain amount and get more instead

7.2.4. deals with the customers that are dealing with frustrations of not getting enough for what they're actually spending random acts of kindness

7.2.5. WOW IQ "What gets measured, gets done" does the company go over expectations?

8. definition of frustration "what is frustration?"

8.1. means "spending a lot and getting little"

9. 10-300% rule

9.1. Go 10% over customers' expectations and you will triple your chance to survive and succeed.

9.2. those business that have the 5 WOW factors were more profitable than other companies that did not have those 5 factors

9.2.1. and they spend less on marketing than competitors

10. Managing WOW


10.2. WOW! Credo

10.3. WOW! Policies

10.4. Measuring WOW!

10.5. Random acts of kindness

10.5.1. understand neighbour and treat neighbour with kindness treat clients as neighbours