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1.1. Summative assessments are given after an entire module is finished. These assessment are long and have a excessive grade value.

1.1.1. Common Assessment: is given to students every six weeks to check for student progress.

1.1.2. Essay: is a way for students to write down what they have learned after a long period of learning.


2.1. A formative assessment is one way to assess students to collect data to make changes to curriculum. These assessments are quick and have a low grade value.

2.1.1. Discussion: a class discussion is a way to formally assess the students of their knowledge of the lesson.

2.1.2. Exit Ticket: an exit ticket is used for students to summarize what they have learned in today's lesson.


3.1. A performance assessment is used for students to complete work or assignments rather than their usual test.

3.1.1. Science Experiment: Students are able to show what they have learned by following a rubric to be evaluated.

3.1.2. Writing Assignment: Students are able to write an expository essay. They will have to use the writing process for a long period of time to finally complete a final draft.


4.1. Interim/benchmarks are needed to determine where students stand in their current learning. This will help teachers see if students falling behind or on course with instructions.

4.1.1. TERRA NOVA: is to assess students in different subject to determine if they are college ready. (k-2)

4.1.2. STAAR: is to assess students in different subject to determine if they are college ready. (3-12)


5.1. Diagnostic assessment are usually used to assess student prior to their learning. This will help verify student's misconceptions or strengths. Teachers find this helpful when planning a lesson to fit every students needs.

5.1.1. Running Record: this is an assessment that is used regularly to have records of students growth and misconceptions.

5.1.2. Stop and Jot: is used for students to spot and jot their prior knowledge of their learning. This can be used as a group or individually.

6. HOT Questions

6.1. Opening

6.1.1. Could the golden ticket be bad or good for the community? (Create)

6.1.2. How does Grandpa Joe react about the golden ticket idea? (Remember)

6.2. Guiding

6.2.1. Who do you think will be kicked out of Mr. Wonka's factory? (Apply)

6.2.2. Can you find an example on how the character are different from Charlie? (Understanding)

6.3. Closing

6.3.1. How would you feel if you were Charlies and the last child to finish the tour? (Evaluate)

6.3.2. Why does Mr. Wonka shut down his factory? (Analyze)