Film Industry

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Film Industry by Mind Map: Film Industry

1. Marketing

1.1. Adverts

1.1.1. Magazines

1.1.2. Bus banners

1.1.3. Newspapers

1.1.4. Radio

1.1.5. TV Trailers

1.1.6. Website adverts

1.2. Merchandise

1.3. Multimedia

2. Ideas for my novel ...

3. Production, distribution and exhibition

3.1. Producer, directos, crew and stars

3.2. Film production companies

3.2.1. Warner bros

3.2.2. 20th Fox

3.2.3. Paramount

3.2.4. Dreanworks

3.2.5. etc

3.3. Film Distribution companies

3.3.1. Walt Disney

3.3.2. Universal pictures

3.3.3. Sony Pictures

3.3.4. etc

3.4. Film Sequels

3.4.1. If a film does sells very well and gets high praise from the audience and critics and there is a suitable plot or story to a sequel then the producers may decide to make another movie because they know they will make money from it because the audience will be keen to watch it too see if it is as good as the first one and so forth

4. New node

5. Film reviews

5.1. Before I go to the cinema to watch a film with my friends I dont normally watch or read a review on the internet because I may accidentally tell them that the film has a bad rating which may make them feel like they wont enjoy it. However, i do read reviews before i rent a film off Lovefilm so i dont waste my money.