Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior by Mind Map: Organizational Behavior

1. Chapter 15: Foundations of organization structure

1.1. What is?

1.1.1. it defines how job tasks are formally divvided, grouped and coordinated

1.2. 6 key elements

1.2.1. work specialization

1.2.2. departmentalization

1.2.3. chain of command

1.2.4. span of control

1.2.5. centralization/descentralization

1.2.6. formalization

1.3. common organizational designs

1.3.1. the simple structure

1.3.2. bureaucracy

1.3.3. the matrix structure

1.4. new designs

1.4.1. the team structure

1.4.2. the virtual organization

1.4.3. the boundaryless organization

2. Chapter 16: Organizational culture

2.1. "In any organization, there are ropes to skip and the ropes to know" - R. Ritti and G. Funkhouser

2.2. Institutionalization

2.2.1. when an organization takes on a life of its own, apart from any of its members, and immortality

2.3. definition

2.3.1. a common perception held by the organizations members; a system of shared meaning

2.4. characteristics

2.4.1. innovation and risk taking

2.4.2. attention to detail

2.4.3. outcome arientation

2.4.4. people orientation

2.4.5. team orientation

2.4.6. agrgresiveness

2.4.7. stability

2.5. what represents?

2.5.1. a common perception held by the organization members

2.6. strong culture

2.6.1. cultures in which the core values are intensely held and widely shared

2.7. national culture

2.7.1. has more influence on employees than organizational culture- so, for multinational organizations, the goal could be to hire applicants who fit the organizational culture

2.8. culture as a liability

2.8.1. barrier to change

2.8.2. barrier to diversity

2.8.3. barrier to acquisitions and mergers

2.9. how employees learn culture

2.9.1. stories

2.9.2. rituals

2.9.3. material symbols

2.9.4. language