The Emegergence of Nasser's Egypt 1.1

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The Emegergence of Nasser's Egypt 1.1 by Mind Map: The Emegergence of Nasser's Egypt 1.1

1. 1.Coup d'etat of 1952

1.1. On July 23 The Free Officers Announced that a Revolution was happening

2. 2.Conditions In Egypt Before 1952

2.1. In 1922 Egypt gained a nominal independence from Britain (British still owned the Suez Canal)

2.2. During the WWI, Egypt was used as a base base for Allied Forces.

2.2.1. the Egyptian Farmers( the Fellahin) were compelled to surrender their animals and crop to British soldiers.

2.3. After the First World War, Saad Zaghul demanded a representation in Paris peace talks, however British refused and punsihed him.

2.3.1. This further enraged the Egyptians and in 1919 riots took place, by 1922 they were compelled to give Egypt "independence"

2.4. Gaining of independence was easy compared to the governing of Egypt.

2.4.1. In 1924 first elections were held and the Wafd Party secured 90% of the seats with Zaghlul becoming the PM.

2.5. The Anglo-Egyptian treaty of 1936 loosen Britain's grip, but maintained the British troops in Egypt.

2.5.1. 10000 soldiers and 400 pilots were stationed in the Canal Zone.

2.6. In 1940 Italy attacked Egypt and Britishi increased their military presence in the country

2.6.1. In 1942 they forced King Farouk to make Wafd Party to bend to British demands, which humiliated the King.

2.7. Defeat of Egypt in the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 made King Farouk even more unpopular

2.7.1. From this the Officers realized that they are the only ones who can save the coutnry

2.8. Politicians were more interested in retaining power than remedying Egypt's problem

2.9. A bloody encounter between British Troops and Egyptian police broke out in Ismaila and riots in Ciaro in January 25 1952

2.9.1. This signalled the end of an era in Egypt.

2.9.2. This was an opportunity for Free Officers and on July 22 they occupied airports, radio stations and arrested the senior officers.

3. 3.Free Officers and their methods

3.1. Coup d'etat was a bloodless event since a lot of people supported it

3.1.1. People protested against the presence of foreign powers in Egypt, establishment of a Jewish state in a region known as Palestine and the incompetence of theri leaders.

3.2. Opposition contained three different groups

3.2.1. Muslim Brotherhood used islam to re-establish dignity,prie and independency

3.2.2. Communist

3.2.3. Wafd Party wanted a reformed parliamentary system

3.3. The discipline and the familiarity with the modern warfare made army a legitimate institution to lead.

3.3.1. Soldiers came from the middle and poor sector of the society which made them closer to the whole population.

4. 4.Nasser, the emerging leader

4.1. The Free Officers recruited General Mohammad Neghib,a more senior officer who was loved by the public.

4.2. The Free Officers they kept contact with all three tendencies of the opposition

4.3. In the beginning the Officers were not violent nor did they use any means of propaganda since the public supported the anyways.