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Alumni Portal by Mind Map: Alumni Portal

1. Enjoy Privileges

1.1. Group Rates

1.1.1. Home and Auto Insurance

1.1.2. Life, Health and Dental Insurance

1.1.3. Credit card

1.1.4. Travel programs

1.2. Discounts

1.2.1. Travel & Relaxation Accommodation Travel Relaxation Food and Beverages

1.2.2. Retail & Merchandise University store Stores

1.2.3. Sports & Entertainment Amusement Parks & Museums Sports Performance Arts Summer Camps

1.2.4. Professional Development Conferences Coworking Spaces

1.3. Carrier Central

1.3.1. Consultations latest trends in job search, resume & cover letters, online profiles, and interview skills. Plus, workshops career chats and free online profile pictures

1.3.2. Carrier Advice

1.3.3. Blackboard to Boardroom events

1.3.4. Courses and continuing educations

1.3.5. interactive carrier webinar

1.3.6. LinkedIn for university Alumni

1.3.7. Posting and finding jobs

1.3.8. free modular learning series taught by top industry experts, academic

1.3.9. Advanced Digital and Professional Training

1.4. Campus Facilities

1.4.1. Career Centre

1.4.2. House Conference Room

1.4.3. Tickets

1.4.4. Gym Membership

1.4.5. Store

1.4.6. Advertising

1.4.7. Housing and accommodations

1.4.8. University Library and Archives

1.5. Alumni Gmail for Life

2. Get Involved

2.1. University Alumni Association

2.1.1. Board of Directors

2.1.2. Committees

2.1.3. Board Meetings schedules and materials

2.1.4. Annual General Meetings history

2.1.5. Policy and FAQ

2.1.6. Board positions & application form

2.2. Alumni Groups

2.2.1. Associations made up of alumni from the same academic program.

2.2.2. Branches made up of alumni volunteers who live in the same region or geographic area.

2.2.3. Chapters are made up of alumni who are linked by a shared interest or a common experience

2.2.4. Alumni Ambassador positively promote University to potential students and their parents; represent us at various local functions, and help fellow alumni/students in their region.

2.3. Volunteers

2.3.1. Stay informed by joining us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and share our news with your friends

2.3.2. Attend an alumni event in your area and invite fellow to come

2.3.3. Represent alumni interests on the University Board of Governors

2.3.4. Pitch a story for University Magazine or The Connection

2.3.5. Mentor a student through the Tri-Mentoring program

2.3.6. Improve the alumni experience by joining the University Alumni Association board

2.3.7. Nominate a graduate for an Alumni Achievement Award

2.3.8. Build your personal and professional network by joining an Alumni Group

2.3.9. Hire a student or help to find jobs

2.3.10. Share your expertise with alumni and/or students as a guest speaker or alumni blogger

2.3.11. Share your accomplishments and news by submitting a class note

2.3.12. Get your friends together for a class reunion

2.4. Reunion

2.4.1. Plan

2.4.2. Attend

2.5. Share your #memos and win

3. Stay in touch

3.1. Update your Info

3.1.1. Through Linkedin

3.1.2. Update your Business Info

3.1.3. Update your Social network info

3.2. Submit a Class Note

3.2.1. your growing family

3.2.2. new job

3.2.3. travel adventures

3.2.4. Publish your class notes University magazine E newsletter

3.3. Nominate an Alumnus

3.3.1. Nominations for Alumni Achievement Awards

3.3.2. Time deadline

3.3.3. Policy

3.4. Share your Expertise

3.4.1. publish a book

3.4.2. like to be a guest speaker at an event

3.4.3. Blogging about an experience or topic that you’re passionate about

3.4.4. Get the word out about your expertise

3.5. Pitch a Story

4. About Us

4.1. Policies

4.2. FAQ

4.3. Contact us

4.4. History

5. News

5.1. The connections

5.1.1. Find the latest on news and events at University, online and in print it

5.1.2. University Magazine

5.1.3. Alumni Blog Alumni bloggers share career advice from their personal experiences in monthly posts

5.1.4. Alumni in the News See what our alumni have been doing after graduation.

5.1.5. Alumni Authors A selection of books written by our members

5.1.6. Prodcast Alumni share their fondest memories

6. Events

6.1. Event managment

6.2. Upcoming Events

6.2.1. Alumni Achievement Awards 2019 recognize the superior caliber of alumni Recognition of the recipients annually a video bio and a certificate at a reception for their friends and family

6.2.2. Networking Your Way to a Better Career (webinar)

6.2.3. Leadership Awards: 5 Anniversary Reunion

6.2.4. Anniversary Happy Hour

6.3. Galleries

6.4. Calendar

6.5. Alumni Weekend

6.5.1. Plan event

6.5.2. Events and schedule

6.5.3. Register

6.5.4. FAQ

6.6. Reunion event

6.6.1. Plan

6.6.2. Attend

6.7. Blackboard to Boardroom

6.7.1. help our newest graduates make the transition from student life to the rest of their lives A variety of seminars, workshops and social events school and building your professional and personal life.

6.8. Alumni Expo

6.8.1. an annual event for the graduating class, introducing the multitude of services, benefits and the ways our graduates continue to remain involved as Alumni!

6.8.2. obtain face-to-face support, information and important tools to assist as they transition into their professional career

6.9. Intersections

6.9.1. Mind and Action on the Road, a new speaker series

6.9.2. brings cutting-edge research and ideas from the university’s most innovative professors, thought-leaders and researchers right to your doorstep.

7. Find alumni

8. Shop