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Org Chart by Mind Map: Org Chart

1. Human Resources

1.1. Helps recruit and fill job opportunities within the organization

1.2. • Provides training for employees on workplace safety and compliance

1.3. • Handles health benefits and negotiates wages for employees

2. Marketing

2.1. • Conducting customer and market research

2.2. • Works with the product development team to develop new products or improve existing ones.

2.3. • Creates and promotes the company brand

3. Accounting

3.1. Organizes and maintains financial data of the company

3.2. • Responsible for financial reporting deadlines are met.

3.3. • Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenue & improve profit.

4. Legal

4.1. • Handles all of the contracts, licenses, permits, trademarks & copyright for the company

4.2. • Provides advice to executives and employees when new laws can affect the company

4.3. • Oversees investigations, lawsuits, mergers & acquisitions

5. Research & Development

5.1. Research product specifications, costs and timelines

5.2. Continue to monitor and evaluate existing products

5.3. Stay competitive and ahead of trends to ensure the company's future