In school and out of school multimodal writing as an L2 writing resource for beginner learners of...

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In school and out of school multimodal writing as an L2 writing resource for beginner learners of Dutch by Mind Map: In school and out of school multimodal writing as an L2 writing resource for beginner learners of Dutch

1. out of school and multimodal writing as resources for struggling academic writers

1.1. Students propose that such research should not be limited to in school contexts but should also involve setting outside the school as most adolescents, including L2 newcomers, show considerable engagement in writing activities in contexts outside of the school

1.2. E.g. writing rap verses, letters, journal entries, diaries, poems

2. Advanges of multimodal writing

2.1. enhanced motivation

2.1.1. high quallity collaboration specifi benefits for struggling writers opportunities for eplicit instruction

2.2. the knowledge that writing products will be read by someone diffrent from the teacher may not only increase writers motivation but can also result in superior writing products

2.3. multimodal composition allows L2 learners non linguistic alternatives to express meaning if linguistic resources are lacking

2.4. through multimodal writing learners engage in complex and recursive composition process, which also encourage reflection.

3. multimodal writing in school

3.1. studies found more extensive or better writing through multimodal composition practices such as blogging and digital storytelling. These benefits also positively affected academic writing competences.

4. this study

4.1. ın this study when we use out of school program we see that daily life usage ( task based learning ) and unconciously learning.

5. test description

5.1. Ice cream (Nar)

5.2. Ice cream (Nar)

6. Output measure :

6.1. : linguistic as well as content based, quantitive as well as qualitive.

6.2. Communicative effectiveness :

6.2.1. assess how well speakers achieve the communicative goal of the task

6.3. Content

6.3.1. : aptness and completeness : the measure captured the relevance and completeness of the content covered in the newcomers

6.4. Lexical diversity

6.5. Syntactic complexity

6.6. Accuracy

6.7. Text lenght

6.7.1. : ıt is measured by the number of words

7. Analysis

7.1. one score was generated from the composition written before, and one from the composition written after the intervention took place

7.2. We see that text lenght is small in the activities of out of school program and medium size in in school program

8. Discussion

8.1. The greatest gains were observed for text lenght and syntactic complexity

8.2. Also the positive experiences with multimodal writing may have promoted willingness to write and writing confidence in learners, resulting in longer texts

8.3. Greater writing development and larger effect sizes were observed fort he tests that matched the content of the activities in which learners were actively involved.

8.4. As a result multimodal writing can enhance students writing to develop much more than other studies