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Marc Mani MD by Mind Map: Marc Mani MD

1. Website : Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills | Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc Mani Address : 9675 Brighton Way #340, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Phone : +1 310-203-0511 Marc Mani of Los Angeles treats aesthetic plastic surgery as an art form, revealing inner beauty and increasing confidence. He performs surgical and non-surgical procedures to meet his patient’s needs from facial surgery to facial rejuvenation. Marc Mani of Los Angeles is consistently recognized as a top doctor by Forbes Magazine, Castle Connolly, and The Hollywood Reporter. Throughout his career, he has published many papers related to the advances and innovative techniques he has developed in his practice. In fact, he performs every procedure which takes place in his practice from minimal fillers to the most advanced surgery performed in his private, fully-accredited surgery center. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon to rejuvenate and enhance your beauty, you need to contact Marc Mani of Los Angeles to schedule a consultation today!