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My Program Model by Mind Map: My Program Model

1. Explain how your program supports both language and academic development. Reference the second language acquisition theories presented by Krashen, Cummins, etc. as discussed in the module 4 readings.

1.1. Having English proficient students enrolled in the class with help the classroom diversify and with diffuse any feelings of isolation

1.2. Students are not likely to feel as if they are judged for struggling to learn the language, because the English proficient students will also understand the struggle to learn a second language

2. What are the teacher qualifications? What skills, knowledge, and attitudes do they need to have?

2.1. this is chllenging because teachers are required to be trained in bilingual instruction as well as grade level content instruction

3. How are ELLs identified, placed and exited?

3.1. Identified by testing to see where to be placed

3.2. the tests will be given in both native language and other language instructed in the classroom(spanish in this case)

3.3. In this case, ELLs will be exited in 6-12 years

4. How much time is spent on language development?

4.1. The program with switch between two languages for different sections of the content areas. Language development will share focus with content area instruction

5. Define why your program is the best solution for the students identified.

5.1. Students feel confident speaking in social settings more quickly in this type of program

5.2. I think this promotes equity in education

5.3. those this program is more of a long term investment, students gain invaluable social confidence and academic rich language for succeeding in the world.

6. How do you communicate ELLs progress to the parents?

6.1. parents will receive propgram instruction to better help there children develop biligual skills

6.2. communication with instructors is paramount to evaluating use of language at home and to learn about the childs home life and prior experriences

7. How do involve parents in the school community?

7.1. parents can be involved int he school community by being asked to come to the school during events that promote literacy

7.2. encourage parent to set up socializing opportunities with other students

8. Why is parental involvement important?

8.1. Parental involvement is important because when the parents feel like active members of their childs language learning, and they work with the teachers, the children can feel supported in learning both languages at the same time

8.2. parents should be encouraged to speak the native language at home to teach children to appreciate language as a while