Project Plan New Product Launch

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Project Plan New Product Launch by Mind Map: Project Plan New Product Launch


1.1. Direct Costs

1.1.1. Research and Development Focus Groups Competitive Analysis Consumer Analysis Market Analysis

1.1.2. Materials Costs

1.1.3. Storage Costs

1.1.4. Production Costs

1.1.5. Distribution and Shipping Costs

1.1.6. Marketing and Promotion Budget

1.1.7. Sales Budget

1.1.8. Contingency Budget

1.2. Indirect Costs

1.2.1. Overhead

1.2.2. Administrative


2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Launch new consumer product in 2020

2.2. Deliverables

2.2.1. Generate a great new idea for a consumer product

2.2.2. Make sure that the idea is unique, hasn't been done before and is something that our consumers want.

2.2.3. Get real, usable feedback from our potential market

2.2.4. Manufacture the product in a feasible, cost-effective manner

2.2.5. Launch, distribute and market the new product.


3.1. Milestone 1

3.1.1. Idea Generation SWOT Analysis Brainstorming

3.2. Milestone 2

3.2.1. Idea Screening Customer Analysis Market Analysis Competitive Analysis Technical Feasibility Finalize Idea Selection

3.3. Milestone 3

3.3.1. Concept Development / Testing Intellectual Property Search Feature Specifications Rapid Prototyping Production Optimization Analysis Concept Testing

3.4. Milestone 4

3.4.1. Business Analysis Pricing Analysis Sales Forecasting Break-Even Analysis

3.5. Milestone 5

3.5.1. Technical Implementation New Program Initiation Quality Management System Operations Planning Supplier Collaboration Logistics Plan Contingency Planning

3.6. Milestone 6

3.6.1. Commercialization Distributor Negotiations Marketing and Adverising Campaigns Product Launch Begin Distribution

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