Persistence of Anti-vaccination Movement

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Persistence of Anti-vaccination Movement by Mind Map: Persistence of Anti-vaccination Movement

1. Increase in hesitancy for vaccinations actually indicates a connection with increase in spread of preventable diseases and other serious implications in the lives of those who get vaccinated late or not at all. - MacDonald E. Noni

2. New research on Autism finds it to be more of a spectrum as opposed to a clear defect. - Taylor B.

3. Increase in open communication and advise from healthcare providers to help teach and persuade parents to vaccinate their children. - Smith J. Phillip

3.1. Specific geographical locations, especially in the US are shown to be more anti-vaccination than others. - Lieu A. Tracy

3.2. Some areas have made it mandatory for children and adults to become vaccinated in order to prevent increasing cases of preventable diseases. - Omer B. Sad

4. Parental worry regarding vaccines doing more harm than good is shown to be at a new high. - Freed L. Gary

5. Recent studies indicate that an increasing number of people are under immunizatied. - Gust A. Deborah

6. Due to new terminology and the changing in understanding of Autism, the spectrum part, it has expanded into more of an umbrella and is more likely to incorporate people into the spectrum that were not diagnosed with it before. - Peacock Georgina

7. Causes and reasons for Autism: Genetic and Environmental factors play an almost equal role in determination of Autism. - Landrigan J. Phillip

8. A very much quoted casestudy is the Hannah Poling Case that was thought to prove a connection, recently debunked by analysis. - Offit Paul

9. Newer and continuous studies on the effects of vaccinations fail to find a connection with autism. - Miller Lisa.

10. Mercury is known to cause severe mental harm to anyone and is regarded as one of the reasons why the anti-vaccination movement blames vaccines for autism. - Schultz T. Stephen

11. Hypotheses about how vaccines cause autism shifts due to the lack of factual data to back it up, yet it the idea does not die off. - Gerber S. Jeffery

12. These stories stem from actual safety concerns about vaccinations, expiration dates, unfounded reactions, creating of "super virus". - Roberta Kwok

12.1. Older usage of Mercury is one of them main reasons why there have been serious arguments and talks regarding vaccination, this is however a much dated procedure. - Baker P. Jeffery

13. No Correlation or Evidence Indicates a Relationship Between Vaccinations and Autism. - DeStefano D.

13.1. Undisputed topic among the scientific and health community. - Taylor E. Luke

14. Stories and myths fear people into not vaccinating themselves or their children. - Bearman Peter

15. Review in the literature and cases indicate that the belief of connection of autism and vaccination is strongest out of all other effects. - Doja Asif

15.1. The current hesitancy of vaccinations is shown to be influenced by many factors aside from misunderstanding of the science, other factors include: religious practices, overall avoidance of modern medicine and in some cases negligence. - Dube Eve