Overpopulation between 2020 To 2029

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Overpopulation between 2020 To 2029 by Mind Map: Overpopulation between 2020 To 2029

1. Personal Solutions: 1. Anjhela Ortiz Casas: we must control the birth rate and resource consumption in each country through strategies to mitigate the damage to the planet. 2. Erica Salinas Congo: Divide responsibilities based on consumption and not in the number of people who do it, controlling the level of consumption of some communities.

2. The planet Earth will only support a limited number of people


3.1. Exploration of Mars.

3.2. Build "Lunar Colonies" appropriate for human survival.

3.3. Medical colonies on the moon for patients with high tension

4. The Effects of Overpopulation

4.1. Food and water shortages

4.2. Increase in infant mortality

4.3. Lack of enough job openings for work-aged people

4.4. Crime increases

5. MAIN IDEA :The real problem with the overpopulation isn´t the fact that increasing amounts of people continuously, if not the rate at which increases. is uncontrolled and unpredictable.