Futureproofing future teacher

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Futureproofing future teacher by Mind Map: Futureproofing  future teacher

1. Sharing

2. The R's

2.1. Retain

2.2. Reuse

2.3. Remix

2.4. Revise

2.5. Repurpose

2.5.1. Why - Revitalise Pedagogy Accessibility

2.6. Redistribute

2.7. Research

2.8. Reflect

2.9. Regulations

3. Notes

4. CC licensing

5. Your goals

5.1. What do good OER have in common?

5.2. How to use more widely or integrate into vle, encourage tutors to do so.

5.3. What skills do academics need?

5.4. How to ensure future proofing, sustainability and accessibility, tools and techniques

5.5. Processes for ensuring online resources are stored and accessible in a systematic way

5.6. Why do people bother sharing or reusing? Motivations.