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NEW JST Site Map by Mind Map: NEW JST Site Map

1. Sign In

1.1. Contact the Office Admin

1.1.1. Request Visitor Parking

1.1.2. Request Equipment

1.1.3. Reserve a Room

1.2. Magis

1.3. Internal Forms?

2. News & Events

2.1. JST NEWS HOME Landing page

2.2. JST Community News

2.2.1. Featured Larger Stories Stories Pages

2.2.2. Faculty Voices/spotlight

2.2.3. Buckets of tagged content/stories

2.3. JST Events (Calendar)

3. Give

3.1. Give Landing Page

3.1.1. Scholarship Fund

3.1.2. Greatest Needs

3.1.3. Inter-religious Immersion Programs

3.1.4. JST Sabbatical Renewal Program

3.2. Endowments

3.3. Donate Now

3.4. Areas of Impact (Giving)

4. Community Resources

4.1. Audit a Course?

4.2. A Heart Renewed: Lenten Prayer

4.3. Advent

4.4. Authenticating Lasting Reform

4.4.1. Letters to the Community

4.4.2. Reflections from our Community

4.4.3. Prayers of Lament and Reform

4.4.4. Community Events and Action

4.5. Race Resources

5. Life at JST (was current students)

5.1. Life at JST/Student Life Landing Page

5.1.1. Igination Spirituality social media fill ins splash instagram populated section at bottom?

5.1.2. Student Housing

5.1.3. Student Formation Ministerial Formation Academic Formation Assistantships? Grants? Spiritual Formation Immersions Interreligious Immersion Lay Intentional community

5.1.4. Student Services Orientation 2019 JST Commencement Info Campus Safety Campus Safety Career Services Job board Wellness Dental Vision Mental Health Fitness Health Insurance Students with Disabilities Disability Resources Student ID/Library Cards/Technology

5.1.5. GTU Partnership?

5.1.6. SCU/JST Policies JST Resource Guide JST Student Handbook

5.1.7. Student Testimonials

6. Admissions (was Future Students)

6.1. Admissions Landing Page

6.2. Tuition and Aid

6.2.1. Tuition and Fees Payment Plan?

6.2.2. Financial Aid

6.2.3. Scholarships Apply for a JST Scholarship Kalmanovitz Scholarship Arrupe Scholarship (Master of Divinity Applicants Only) Additional Scholarship Resources

6.2.4. Payment Planning

6.3. Intl. Students

6.3.1. INTL FAQS

6.3.2. How to Apply

6.3.3. Visa Status

6.3.4. US Government Guide for Visa Process

6.4. Application Information

6.4.1. Common M.A. Application (Graduate Theological Union)

6.4.2. Application Checklists Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Master of Arts (M.A.) Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) On Campus or Online Master of Theology (Th.M.) Concurrent Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (M.Div./M.A.) Affiliation of GTU Doctoral Students with JST-SCU Bachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) JST Renewal Program: A Sabbatical Experience Instituto Hispano (Hispanic Institute) Non-Degree (Special Student Status)

6.4.3. FAQ

6.4.4. Deadlines

6.5. Meet with an Advisor

6.6. Admission Events

6.6.1. Webinars and Virtual Events

6.6.2. Campus Events

6.6.3. JST On the Road

6.7. Career Pathways

6.7.1. A home for vocational discernment

6.7.2. Testimonials/Alumni Profiles

6.7.3. Types of jobs

6.8. Visit Campus

7. Academics

7.1. Academics Landing Page

7.1.1. Academic Calendars

7.1.2. Degrees and Programs Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Master of Arts (M.A. (Through GTU)) Combined Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (M.Div./M.A.) Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) On Campus & Online Tracks Online Track Callout to make sure students know this is an option? Master of Theology (Th.M.) Learn about Affiliation of GTU Doctoral Students with JST-SCU (Ph.D. or Th.D.) Bachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) Instituto Hispano (Hispanic Institute) JST Renewal Program: A Sabbatical Experience Immersions Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.)

7.1.3. Courses

7.1.4. Course Descriptions Highlights Bridge Courses Fall, Intersession and Spring course lists Ethics and Social Theory Cultural/Historical Study of Religions Religion & Psychology Theology & Education Field Education Functional Theology History Interdisciplinary Studies Liturgical Studies New Testament Studies Old Testament Studies Art & Religion Religion & Society Christian Spirituality Systematic Theology

7.1.5. Libraries

7.1.6. SPecial Program - change top card to all not just Renweal?

7.2. Forms and Resources

7.2.1. eCampus, Moodle, and Textbooks JST Booklist Spring 2019 Other links to booklists

7.2.2. Bulletin: All of Official school data

7.2.3. Handbooks PDF Handbooks

7.2.4. Online JST Learning

7.2.5. Policies and Procedures PDFs about Policies

7.2.6. Forms Links to all forms

7.2.7. Library Cards/IDs

7.2.8. Transcript Requests Transcript Requests

7.2.9. How To REGISTER For Classes Lots of text/links

8. About JST

8.1. About JST Landing Page

8.1.1. Strategic Plan

8.1.2. GTU Partnership 8 Schools Library Ecumenical and interreligious programing

8.1.3. History of JST/Society of Jesus

8.1.4. Board of Directors and Staff

8.1.5. Faculty? research papers?


9.1. Student Testimonials

9.2. Why JST? (videos)

9.3. Academics at JST (videos)

9.4. Four Points of Distinction

9.5. Campus Tour

9.6. Seasonal ads and buttons

9.7. Contact/Get In Touch!

9.8. Apply Now

9.9. Featured Events

9.10. Connect with JST

9.11. Campus Safety Number at Footer

9.12. Slate Intake Form (can be embedded)

9.13. JST Building Information