Use of TALENTx7

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Use of TALENTx7 by Mind Map: Use of TALENTx7

1. Recruitment

1.1. Change managers

1.2. New product development and marketing leaders

1.3. Consultants in a highly agile environment

1.4. IT Specialists (lower learning agility with high Drive to excel, Self-insight and Feedback responsiveness)

1.5. Senior leadership who needs to take an organisation forward in an agile environment

1.6. Legal partners who are focused on developing new markets

2. Leadership development

2.1. Identifying agile leaders and highlighting developmental areas

2.2. Identifying specialist leaders who will manage a specialist department.

2.3. Addressing issues such as interpersonal acumen and change alacrity if low

3. 9 Box grid

3.1. Use a valid, reliable, scientific measure of potential on classic 9-Box grid with Potential-Performance matrix.

3.2. High learning agility with high performance = Leadership pool

3.3. Low learning agility with high performance = specialist talent pool

4. Team development

4.1. Create a team profile to see where strengths and weaknesses are

4.2. Focus team development on identified issues to ensure agile team

5. Change management

5.1. Identify change managers to drive the change process

5.2. Identify strong specialists who can be used to implement change

6. Career planning

6.1. Individual development plan for employees in an agile environment

6.2. Insight into own agility that provides guidelines for career planning (i.e. specialist or leader path)

7. Talent pipeline management

7.1. Identify young talent with high learning agility to develop as leadership pipeline

7.2. Align development plans with profile - e.g. if specialist, direct development in specialist direction