Campus-centric Content Priorities

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Campus-centric Content Priorities by Mind Map: Campus-centric Content Priorities

1. Maintaining students in good academic and financial standing

1.1. Academic Advising

1.2. Registrar

1.3. Financial Aid

2. Fostering a safe, healthy and productive learning environment

2.1. Counseling

2.2. General Wellbeing

2.2.1. Crisis Funding

2.2.2. Food Resources

3. Creating an inclusive learning community

3.1. Disability Services

3.2. Mosaic Center

3.3. Veteran Student Services


4. Connecting community to economic viability

4.1. Career Services

4.2. Student Employment

5. Supporting on-campus activities that enrich the student experience outside the classroom

5.1. Athletics (intramural and varsity

5.2. Arts

5.3. Student leadership

5.4. Student clubs

5.5. Student activities and events