Absolute Monarchs 16-1700s

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Absolute Monarchs 16-1700s by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs 16-1700s

1. Louis XIV

1.1. Answered only to god

1.2. known as the Sun King

1.3. the prime example of absolute monarchy in 17th and 18th century Europe

2. Henry 4

2.1. he became heir to the French throne through his marriage to Margaret of Valois

2.2. King of England and Lord of Ireland from 1399 to 1413. He was the first monarch of the House of Lancaster and came to the throne by deposing his childhood playmate and first cousin,

2.3. This was one of his quotes "Patriotism must be founded on great principals and supported by great virtue."

2.4. Was born in December 13,1553 in Pau, France

3. Philip ii

3.1. head of the government of Spain

3.2. believed in the divine right of monarchs

3.3. used this to justify a number of immoral and illegal acts, such as ordering murders.

3.4. His nickname was Philip the prudent

3.5. His education was in Christ Church

3.6. Ruled one of the world's largest empire

4. Peter the Great

4.1. strengthened the central government and reduced the power of the nobility

4.2. he reorganized the government and created a Senate to administer the state

4.3. attempt to establish Russia as a great nation.

4.4. He was russian