Mohawk Air

Alyson and Yufei's Mohawk Air Mindmap

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Mohawk Air by Mind Map: Mohawk Air

1. Ronald - 23 years old, dropped out of high school in grade 9. Dysgraphia (difficulty reading and writing), ADHD.

1.1. 1) Purchasing a Ticket

1.1.1. Checking out process/ purchasing ticket online difficult.

1.1.2. Would prefer to call someone on the phone - would have difficulty accessing correct phone number online.

1.1.3. Website distracting, moving banners, things that look like content but are ads.

1.2. 2) Checking In (Online/In Person)

1.2.1. Finding where to check-in at the airport might be difficult. Would prefer to use the in person system

1.2.2. Might get impatient/frustrated with check-in system, antsy waiting in long lines.

1.2.3. Difficulty navigating where to go after checking in - due to trouble reading signs.

1.3. 3) Dropping off Luggage

1.3.1. Difficulty accessing website - might not know luggage requirements

1.3.2. Signage- might not know where to drop off luggage.

1.3.3. Difficulty reading - might not be aware of extra costs for oversized luggage prior to boarding.

1.4. 4) Navigating Security

1.4.1. Difficulty reading signs - might not be aware of security protocol prior to entering security area.

1.4.2. Feels anxious/distracted in line for security

1.5. 5) Boarding the Plane

1.5.1. Prefers announcements to board plane - can better understand spoken instructions.

1.5.2. Doesn't have a visible disability, so won't board plane earlier, however feels anxious

1.5.3. Would prefer to sit near front of plane, however did not indicate when buying ticket. Unable to switch.

1.6. 6) In Flight

1.6.1. In flight might have difficulty reading menu for purchasing food/explaining food options.

1.6.2. Screens for in-flight entertainment not compatible with assistive technology

1.6.3. Might get overly distracted/annoyed by fellow passengers.

1.7. 7) Deplaning

1.7.1. Prefers auditory announcements for deplaning

1.7.2. Dealing with rush of people distracting and disorienting

1.7.3. Difficulty way finding when leaving plane (finding something to do in between flights)

1.8. 8) Gate Transfer

1.8.1. Worried about getting lost during gate transfer, anxious about time.

1.8.2. Multiple kiosks/lines/etc. disorienting with amount of people/distractions

1.8.3. Might try to use phone to navigate/kill time, however in US. Roaming fees, and might not be able to access wifi.

1.9. 9) Retrieving Luggage

1.9.1. Anxious about multiple people trying to retrieve luggage at once.

1.10. 10) Exiting the Plane

1.10.1. Signs in German - unsure of where to go

1.10.2. Main strategy is to talk to people - but might not be able to communicate with German airport staff

1.10.3. Might try to use phone to help assist, but unable to connect to wifi/roaming fees would apply.

1.10.4. Need assistance navigating outside of plane to hotel - where closest taxi/bus/transit located

2. Meg - 72 years old, lives alone, limited vision(can't read bodies of small text), ADHD (inattentive)

2.1. 1) Purchasing a Ticket

2.1.1. Prefer to purchase a ticket on the phone or through another person's help

2.1.2. Sharing private information to purchase tickets for international destinations

2.1.3. Lack of direct flight

2.2. 2) Checking In (Online/In Person)

2.2.1. Long line-up to check-in in person

2.2.2. Distrust of online systems

2.2.3. Asking for seat on the aisle

2.3. 3) Dropping off Luggage

2.3.1. Will need help carry heavy luggages

2.3.2. Keeping track of luggage

2.4. 4) Navigating Security

2.4.1. Unable to read signage with small text

2.4.2. Fast-moving distractions and instructions from the agents

2.4.3. Paying attention to liquids allowance

2.5. 5) Boarding the Plane

2.5.1. Seat number in small text on ticket

2.5.2. Waiting to board - no overhead storage when boarding late

2.5.3. Inability to lift carry-on luggage to overhead storage

2.6. 6) In Flight

2.6.1. Seats are narrow and uncomfortable

2.6.2. Screen of in-flight entertainment is small and impossible to see from seat

2.6.3. Small beverage cups and turbulence causing spills

2.6.4. Food provided might be difficult to consume

2.6.5. Inability to rest

2.7. 7) Deplaning

2.7.1. Crowds rushing to deplane

2.7.2. Not knowing where to go after deplaning

2.8. 8) Gate Transfer

2.8.1. Unable to identify destination gate from small texts on electronic screen

2.8.2. Busy airport with many distractions

2.8.3. Getting food/snack while waiting for 2nd flight - all transactions in US currency

2.9. 9) Retrieving Luggage

2.9.1. Inability to get heavy luggage from moving conveyor belt

2.9.2. Finding the correct carousel

2.10. 10) Exiting the Plane

2.10.1. Inattentiveness and tiredness from jet-leg - arrival time is 3:50 am in Toronto

2.10.2. Dominant language at the airport is German

2.10.3. Sensory overload in a busy airport