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arts integration by Mind Map: arts integration

1. deepens instruction through weaving of parallel processes

1.1. arts make learning visible

1.2. reveals internal logic of learners

2. connects students and teachers to the larger communnity

2.1. invites access to resources outside of school

2.2. transforms learners perceptions of themselves as productive citizens

3. involves co-teaching and co-learning

3.1. opens up dialogue among educators

3.1.1. transforms how learners are perceived by others

4. social integration

4.1. self and social interest

5. problem based learning

5.1. kids learn If there is a purpose that is real and useful

5.1.1. art can change peoples minds

6. encourages individuals and groups of school people to stretch out to make connections to school curriculum

7. "seeks connections in all directions"

8. historical art forms help students reflect on contemporary lifes

9. provide varied, connected, and increasingly challenging opportunities to generate and represent knowledge over time

10. produce a genuine synergy between content areas by engaging multiple modes of inquiry

11. teaching and learning- development of learners capacities to negotiate multiple spheres

11.1. self and world, realms of experience, types of achievement