ASNT Committees and Councils

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ASNT Committees and Councils by Mind Map: ASNT Committees and Councils

1. Standards and Accreditation Department

1.1. Standards Development Committee

1.2. Technical Advisory Group Committee

2. Certification Department

2.1. Certification Management Council

3. Learning Programs Department

3.1. Technical and Education Council

4. Executive Director

4.1. Executive Committee

4.1.1. oversight of the association in the absence of the board

4.2. Governance Committee

4.2.1. oversight of association governance processes

4.3. Joint Council Committee

4.4. Operations Committee

4.5. Past Presidents Committee

4.5.1. provide advice to association leaders

4.6. Selection Committee

4.6.1. oversight of the volunteer leadership recruitment, selection, and development process

5. Accounting Department

5.1. Audit Committee

5.1.1. Oversight of the annual audit process

5.2. Business and Finance Committee

5.2.1. Oversight of the financial management and reporting process

6. Member Relations and Engagement Department

6.1. Section Operations Council

6.2. Honors and Recognition Committee

7. Meetings Department

7.1. Exhibitors Committee

8. Publications Department

8.1. Publications Review Committee