12 way-points that I would teach to a friend

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12 way-points that I would teach to a friend by Mind Map: 12 way-points that I  would teach to a friend

1. Make a business plan, including a plus and minus scenario, how to act when not going according to plan, set measurable goals

2. Find out where you are now (customer feedback), compare your customer expectations to the competition

3. Discuss with staff and let them evaluate the situation, and

4. Give feedback to staff in person and empower your staff to work towards agreed goals

5. Analyze the customer service chain, evaluate 'the moments of truth'

6. Evaluate staff collaboration level, are staff members committed to company objectives

7. Think of methods to get you customers more involved with your company/products - interactions, reviews, membership, etc

8. Find what resources you need for the to exceed customer expectations and at what stages you need to use them

9. Present customer oriented plan to staff strengthen staff collaboration

10. Execute the plan by strengthening customers first' - philosophy

11. Work out how, when and what you want to measure and compare development you your original plan together with your staff

12. Reward your success. Remember that finding mistakes can be a worthwhile cause for celebration. Now you can focus on eliminating these errors from the process.